How Much Does A Brewery System Cost?

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In the initial planning to build a brewery, when we talked to customers, many customers were asked a question: “How much does a brewery system cost?” In order to better answer more customers’ questions about this problem, we will introduce some Typical brewery setups and equipment costs for each setup. In today’s article we will use 10HL and 20HL brewing systems as examples:

We will discuss the following issues:

  • What should we consider as a brewer when choosing brewing equipment?
  • How much does a brewery system cost?
Brewing system cost

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10HL /BBL & 20HL /BBT actually are the typical brewery size option that you’ll considering while either for new brewery setup or brewery expansion. But if the insight from a manufactuer that we’ll probably consider these from below aspects:-

10HL Brewing System

10HL system: Actually it’s still belong to the microbrewery / brewpub scale, certainly maybe that you’re also contracted in some cases. However for this scale system we’ll make the configuration be more cost-effective especially in the brewery start stage-

  • Usually we would consider the usual two vessels BH combo and it still be able to complete two brews in a day for some urgent cases..
  • Regarding the heating way the the common style here are the elec and gas heating, for the different situations and requirements of different aeras that we can choose one flexibly. Although the steam is still the ideal heating option, the investment of boiler and relative fittings is still a big burden for a brewery in start stage.
  • For others details that we can also go with the manual operations, like the control system that the usual option is the manual cabinet & butterfly valves. If any automation desired like the recipes recording etc that we can consider the PLC + butterfly valves combo.
  • Liquor tanks are included the HLT & Glycol reservoir, The CLT wasn’t recommended here is for this scale system that won’t brew multiple batches per day, and therefore not need to reserve the cooling capacity in CLT, Instead, the wort will be able to crash cooled by the tap water & glycol together. And the size / capacity of chiller & glycol reservoir will be depend on the qty of cellars…

So the approx cost of 10HL elec / gas heated brewery will be start from 100K USD, Includes malt handling system, skid brewhouse, 5 sets of Uni-Tanks, Glycol cooling system and relative auxiliary equipments etc.

Examples of 2/3 vessels brewhouse


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Estimating the cost of brewery equipment

20HL Brewing System

20HL system: In our understanding these’re the commercial scale system and also means expanded from the microbrewery / brewpub. So for this scale system their main sales are the commercial supplying rather than the internal consumption. So in this case the priority we need to consider is the brew efficiency and reliability not the cost-effective.

  • The brewhouse we recommended are the 3-V / 4-V BH combo, and the minium requirements is it will becompleting the two batches per day easily. Even for some clients they go through the five tanks BH < MT + LT + KT + WP + KWPT> to improve the efficiency.
  • For the control system there no doubt are the PLC + HMI combo + pnuematic valves, High efficiency & reliability. For the specific control functionalities that we accept the fully-customization.
  • For the heating option that also not doubt are the steam, Although it isn’t the highest effifient one, the controllability and reliablity is the key points during the brewing.
  • About the water stations that usually the CLT + HLT 3 times of brewhouse size and heating up / cooling down through the PHE to improve the effifiency. The CLT is make sense here is due to for this scale system that will brew two batches per day, And if no CLT to reserve the cooling capacity in advance that the temp of glycol tank will be heated up by the wort considerable high unless that you increase the Glycol tank size & chiller capacity a lot. But form the energy saving insight the CLT will be help to save the energy by recycling the heated cold water after coming form PHE. Another befinit is we can eliminate the influences of the fermentation process
  • Automated malt handling system from the grain mill, pipe conveyor, grain case with loading cell etc.
  • The cost of the commercial scale system will be different a lot, mainly based on the different configutations like brewhouse combo, automation level, malt handling system constitution etc. Usually the cost of these commercial scale system will be started from 250K USD approx, But as mentioned it’s just a reference as all the commercial system that we’ve made that no one are totally same and also means these were fully customized.

Examples of 3/4 vessels brewhouse



There are so many variables to consider when open a brewery. You need to be methodical in your planning. So after I’ve asked my initial starting a brewery questions, covering the above issues in follow-up discussions allows us to begin putting an equipment list together.

Hopefully that above will be uesful for you to choose the further way of your brewery, YoLong Brewtech are dedicating on the brewing / beverage industry for more than ten years and experienced and be able to figure out any brewery cases and requirements, Reach out to us for customizing your own brewing solutions.

Every project has a budget, so, when opening a brewery,Understanding the fund budget is an important prerequisite for successfully opening a brewery. In this way, we can choose the right brewing target and equipment according to the situation at the beginning.

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Estimating the cost of brewery equipment

From equipment costs to brewery size, construction costs and licensing, brewery operating costs can vary widely depending on your specific operation.

When estimating the price of your investment, We have Multiple types of equipment are available as well as brewery equipment financing options to help you start up and running.

  • Nano Brewery Equipment (1BBL-5BBL)
  • Brewpub Brewing Equipment(5BBL-10BBL)
  • Microbrewery Equipment (10BBL-20BBL)
  • Commercial Brewery Equipment(20BBL-50BBL)

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