YoLong Malting Technology: Including Information on Grain Mills, Grist Cases, & Malting Equipment

Barley has been the preferred grain for malting for hundreds of years. Recently other grains, such as rye and wheat, have been added as materials to explore their potential as a raw material brewery ingredient.

Malt Technology deals with the process where raw materials – such as barley – are prepared to become the main ingredient for the beer-making process. The grains are first steeped in water, encouraged to germinate, dried out in a kiln/roaster, and finally stored. It’s a delicate process that eliminates acrospires and shoots while preserving the enzymes (producers of malt sugar and starch), and keeping essential specialized malt characteristics of caramel intact.

YoLong Malt Technology Equipment encourages the enzymatic processes while maintaining the stable conditions required for the development of a classic malt profile.

Grain Mill

Two-roller grain miller

Two-roller grain miller

YoLong Malting Technology equipment transports the raw material ingredients gently and stores the grain correctly. The YoLong Grain Mill removes foreign bodies while preserving grain integrity. Our 2-roller grain milling equipment includes:

  • Frame
  • Transfer system
  • Crushing chambers
  • 2 x Rollers
  • Adjusting system
  • Flow control mechanism
  • Hopper

After the removal of impurities, the raw grain is moistened and transferred to the hopper. This two-roller grain mill setup is perfect for small-scale or large capacity breweries because of the equipment’s reliable and consistent performance, energy saving capabilities, durability, and convenient maintenance.

YoLong Grist Mill offers optimal grist composition while delivering higher yields with shorter lautering time. Our grist mill provides excellent through-put for its compact dimensions. Processing malt, barley, rye, broken/white rice, corn, and sorghum, grits, and grains.

Grist Case

A grist case is used to hold the grain after milling and before mashing in. It is connected to a pipe/tube chain-vey so milled grain can be safely stored in the Grist Case before use. The YoLong Grist Case malt technology equipment maintains malt integrity and hygiene to the strictest levels.

Grist Case

Grist Case

  • Top Removable Lid
  • One Inlet
  • One Spray Ball
  • Cone Bottom
  • One Outlet Connect with Pipe Chainvey or Flexible Auger
  • Option with Load Cells
  • Cylinder Mounted Four Legs
  • Single Wall Tank
  • Design Pressure, Atmospheric
  • Inside Finish, #2B, Ra<32
  • Outside Finish, #4
  • Picked and passivated surfaces and seams
  • Internal & Exterior Welds, Grounded and Polished to #4

Pipe Chain Conveyor/Flexible Auger

Pipe Chain Conveyor/Flexible Auger

Pipe Chain Conveyor/Flexible Auger

YoLong supply grain conveyor devices, either with installation of malt technology setup – Grain Mill and Grist Case – or on its own:

  • Pipe chain-vey (chain conveyer)
  • Flexible auger

These specialist devices and conveyance equipment can be integrated with your brewery automated control system. Our team offers customized malt technology designs and installation according site layout.

If you have any questions regarding YoLong malt technology equipment, please contact our friendly team.


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