Remote Control Applications in Brewing Equipment – How does it work?

Cellar temperature control is a very important part of the brewing process.

As we all know, the fermentation cycle is around 15-30 days, during which the temperature in the FV (fermentation vats) must be continuously measured. Different temperatures have to be set according to each individual brewing recipe and yeast characteristics.

In other words, strict management and control of temperature is the basic prerequisite for brewing high-quality beer.

Here’s the kicker! Operators of even the smallest microbrewery don’t have the time to hover over the brewery fermenter to monitor temperature 24/7.

remote control system for brewery

Under Industry 4.0

Good news – the YoLong remote monitor/control system is the key to solving all your cellar temperature problems! Our innovative remote monitoring equipment evolved from advanced brewing application technology. Now you can constantly and consistently monitor the fermenter vats’ temperature. 

Feel free to go off and enjoy the free time this remote control application will give you because you will always be able to monitor your precious brew.

How does the remote control app work? 

All you need to do is open your laptop, tablet, or smartphone (iPhone or Android) using an internet connection or data, click the link, and enter your unique password. Instantly, you can see everything on the touch screen, exactly as if you were at your brewery. Your device’s touchscreen is the same as the brewery screen, and you will be able to monitor and set the fermenter temperature directly.

Alerts and notifications

If the fermenter temperature goes higher or lower than your ideal settings, the YoLong remote application will immediately send an email and alarm to your phone. If you not on site, you will be able to monitor the staff response after alerting whoever is on duty.

Another great benefit of the YoLong remote control system is that we can help you remotely modify and upgrade the program for free whenever you need to adapt settings for a newly developed formula.

If you are planning to build a brewery or add on an extension to your existing brewery, we advise you take advantage of this tried and trusted new technology and choose a remote control system installation. It’s affordable, adaptable and frees up your time to concentrate on other necessities like marketing and shipping.

The remote control system includes the following parts:

  1. Touch screen with Sm@rtServer protocol – connecting to internet via wifi or data.
  2. Remote gateway – the intermediary between your touch screen and internet connection for Stored Program Control exchange.
  3. You can log into your own system via a personal account on your devices, such as a mobile terminal, mobile phone or computer. This enables you to monitor and design process parameters remotely.

YoLong Remote Control Monitoring System – Temperature Control at Your Fingertips!

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