As an essential material used in brewing, yeast plays a crucial role in the beer fermentation process. As the sugars in the wort are converted into alcohol, this interaction influences the taste, flavor, color, and of course, alcohol content of the  beer. Different yeast strains makes the characteristics of each beer different and unique. This is why an efficient yeast management and propagation system saves breweries a lot of time and money. The design and sterile manufacturing condition of the YoLong Brewtech Yeast Propagation makes it much easier for handling and introducing yeast into the system.

YoLong Brew Tech Yeast Prop System

YoLong Yeast Prop System

YoLong Yeast Prop System

When your brewery has a highly effective yeast culture and operation system, with the emphasis on safety and maximum utility, the yeast propagation system can be used to control yeast technology to your specifications.

Our Yeast Propagation Plant includes:

  • Tanks for yeast propagation/integration of wort
  • Air and CIP pipe
  • Semi-automatic control system (for microbrewery, brewpub and regional brewery)


Laboratory Propagation → Wort sterilization (steam) → Wort aeration (compressed air) → Yeast Pitching (Carlsberg Flask) → Yeast Reproduction and Propagation → Transfer to Fermentation Tank → Drain/recycle w/ Yeast Brink

YoLong Yeast Brink

Our Yeast Brink Systems can be used to wash, propagate, aerate, and grow pitches. Construction includes manways situated at the top of every tank to facilitate the addition of second pitches, solid nutrients, or introduce a quality-control sample probe. A glycol-cooled yeast brink has the advantage over other types of collection vessels because the agitated glycol offers better temperature control, in addition to easier yeast washing and sampling.

The main difference between a yeast propagator and yeast brink is that a yeast propagator has variable temperature setting controls and a yeast brink is simply a cold storage vessel as its purpose is to be used for yeast harvesting, pitching, and storage. Harvesting and re-pitching your yeast is a widespread brewery practice to spread the costs of the yeast culture over more batches (only possible when using the best harvesting and storage equipment and practices).

Single Vessel Yeast Propagation System

Sterile Sample Valve

Sterile Sample Valve

Ideal for smaller capacities with high fermenting performance, YoLong’s single vessel propagator with accessory valves is easy to operate and move around in the brewery. The perfect choice for small craft breweries.

  • One Tank Propagator
  • SS 304 construction
  • One rotary spray balls connect with CIP pipe
  • Insulated with PU-foam
  • Two dimple jackets for cooling and heating
  • Inner mirror polishing
  • Four legs can assemble with wheels for moving
  • Control panel
  • Semi-automatic controls
  • Temperature, steam, compressed air, CIP can be controlled
  • Accessory pipeline, valves and fittings

Two-Vessel Yeast Propagation System

YoLong 2V Yeast Propogator

YoLong 2V Yeast Propogator

Our 2-vessel yeast propagation system has bigger propagation capacity, and is capable of maximizing propagating efficiency considerably. One vessel /tank combined with a propagator can realize twice the yeast propagation. Each yeast propagation system setup can be customized to your specific requirements.

  • Two Tank Propagator
  • SS 304 construction with different capacity
  • Rotary spray balls connect with CIP pipe
  • Insulated with PU-foam
  • Two dimple jackets for cooling and heating
  • Inner mirror polishing
  • Four adjustable legs

Control system for Yeast Technology

  • One-touch screen
  • Temperature automatic control
  • CIP
  • Steam sterilization
  • Aeration and discharge process controls

 Accessory pipeline, valves and fittings available at the YoLong Parts & Accessories Store.

If you are interested in any of the equipment your see here, or have any questions, please contact our friendly team for help.

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