Commercial Kombucha Brewery Equipment

YoLong New Generation Kombucha Brew System

YoLong New Generation Kombucha Brew System

YoLong Kombucha Breweries and Brewing Equipment: Design, Fabricate, Install

There’s no doubt that Kombucha equipment expertise is engrained into the culture of the times. This ancient Chinese beverage is growing to become one of the most popular drinks in the portfolios of big name beverage companies this century. It’s market potential cannot be overestimated.

More About YoLong Kombucha Brewing Equipment

Brewing Kombucha requires only 3 main pieces of brewing equipment: Kombucha Brewery – Kombucha Fermenter – Kombucha Finishing Tank – all meticulously designed and fabricated using ancient kombucha brewing wisdom and the latest cutting-edge technology.

  • Kombucha Brewery: Also called a brewhouse, this is where the water is boiled and the first stage of the kombucha-making process begins. Black or green tea is sweetened and the SCOBY or SCOBAY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria & Yeast) is introduced to the sweetened tea mix. The mixture is cooled to room temperature and then transferred over to the kombucha fermenter.

    Kombucha Brew Skid

    Kombucha Brew Skid

    • Top Glass Manway
    • One Hydrator Assembly on top lid
    • CIP Spray Balls
    • Horizontal Reducer With Gearbox
    • IFM Temp Sensor
    • One Access Hatch for SS Tea Bag
    • Low Energy Density Electric Heating Tube
    • IFM sensor For Anti-Dry Heating Protecting
    • Mineral Wool Insulation
    • Design Pressure, Atmospheric
    • Material, 304 Stainless Steel
    • Inside Finish, #2B
    • External Finish, #4

  • Kombucha Fermentation Tank: The kombucha is left to ferment (primary fermentation) for 1 to 3 weeks as the SCOBY does its work creating the delicious kombucha flavor profile.

    Kombucha Fermenters

    Kombucha Fermenters

    • Top Manway
    • CIP Spray Ball
    • Pressure Vacuum Relief Valve
    • Sample Valve
    • Thermowell for Temperature Sensor
    • One Level Gauge
    • Cooling Jacket Sections
    • PU-Foam Insulation
    • Vertical Orientation
    • Material, 304 Stainless Steel
    • Inside Finish, 2B
    • Outside Finish, #4
    • Picked and Passivated Surface and Seam
    • Internal & Exterior Welds, Grounded and Polished to #4
  • Kombucha Brite Tank/Finishing Tank: The final vessel used in the brewing of kombucha is also called a brite tank or bright tank in the brewing business. This is where the secondary fermentation and beverage carbonation takes place. Flavorings are also mixed in during the secondary fermentation stage.
  • Bottling and packaging the finished kombucha beverage can be done straight from the finishing tank.

If the next step in the evolution of your brewery is kombucha, please contact YoLong today to ask any questions you may have or get a quote.

Why Choose YoLong Brewtech to Supply Your Kombucha Brewery?

YoLong Brewtech has been facilitating the establishment and extension of breweries all over the world for over 15 years. We consider YoLong professional kombucha brewery equipment to be representative of our many years of industry experience and specialist knowledge in engineering the finest craft beer systems.

We are proud to introduce YoLong Kombucha Brewery products to a wider audience.

The Culmination of Years of Design and Engineering

Stainless Steel Tea Bag

Stainless Steel Tea Bag

A YoLong Kombucha Brewery setup is state of the art. For over 15 years, YoLong has fabricated beautifully engineered brewhouses, fermenters, and finishing (brite) tanks that have gone on to become the industry standard. Our equipment and accessories have inspired some winning beer recipes in breweries near and far. It is enough to say that the YoLong Kombucha Brewery has a pretty impressive pedigree. The best thing is, it also comes with our promise of outstanding customer and aftersales service, and superb engineering performance.

YoLong Kombucha Brewery Features:

  • Energy efficient
  • Easy to operate
  • Minimal maintenance required – even over extended period
  • Accessible deck platform height with ergonomic surface
  • Easy installation on skids
  • Adapts to expansion with modular components
  • 1 or 2 vessel systems available
  • Choice of production capacities (according to size of premises)
  • Agitation mixer optional

When you choose a kombucha brewery setup from YoLong, you are quality-assured of the highest international standards of equipment safety and sanitation. Our kombucha-making equipment is guaranteed to be efficient, consistent, and capable of replicating and repeating the production process with precision and reliability every time.

300L kombucha system

300L kombucha system

Safety: Placing the safety brewers and their workers is at the forefront of every design and manufacturing procedure at YoLong. You can relax knowing your kombucha equipment has had proven and functional safety features integrated into each stage and component, including:

  • CIP facilities
  • Transfer and pump systems
  • Internationally accepted standard emergency shut-down systems and componentry

Sanitation: Food and beverage preparation sanitation and safety is critical to a kombucha brewery setup. YoLong has mastered the art of engineering sanitary vessels, brewery systems, and CIP (Clean in Place) technology. Not only can the CIP prepare the brewery equipment for the next batch, but the vessels themselves have finely polished interiors which prohibits the growth or build-up of any substances. CIP is efficient, foolproof, and thorough. All staff has to do is activate the CIP system in the controls.

Automation: By automating selected parts of the brewing process, you can be assured of consistent results every time. The temperature controls that heat and cool the water can be monitored to take the guesswork out of the equation. This ensures perfect results and leaves no room for error.

Automation can also be implemented to check when the pH is perfect and fermentation is optimal. The sensor and control auto system designed by YoLong will prohibit any accidents or oversight. This degree of automation leaves you time to do other tasks around the brewery, and also lessens the requirement for extra assistance.

Would you like to ask for a quote or find out more about YoLong’s budget-friendly kombucha breweries? Please contact our team today.


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