The Bespoke Differences In Custom Brewing Systems

Breweries around the world come in different sizes and types. Among the 19,000 breweries in the world, Some are big while some are operating on a small level. Their operations, cost, and revenues depend on their size mainly. For many brewery brand, Brewhouse is the perfect presentation of your brewery. It can completely attract people’s attention, and attract more and more beer lovers to come to your brewery.

Put aside the refreshing appearance of the brewhouse, reasonable brewery design and configuration can save a lot of time for the brewer master. Therefore, a trustworthy design and manufacturing team has become the first choice for many people to build a brewery.

Recently, before the outbreak of the coronavirus, people have been establishing large breweries in their towns enjoying the low interest rates at the banks. These are not as big as the multinational brewing companies, but they certainly have made their cut in nearby bars and pubs. Well, there is a question that everyone must face;

Breweries Of The World

How much does microbrewery equipment cost?

No independent brewmaster sets out to establish a brand for it to stay small and relatively unknown. If you are thinking to establish a large brewery in your area, you need to buy commercial brewing equipment, because large brewery needs to handle the different scales of operation. The YoLong team fielded many questions about the best way to expand brewery into a bigger. This works in two ways:

  1. Expanding the floor space and brewing capacity of an already established brewery
  2. Finding new premises to install bigger equipment

When we help our customers with the design of the brewery, we focus on three main factors – Configuration and control, and heating method. On the background of it, many brewers are going to enter the craft beer industry and form a scale no matter who are home brewing or planning to start a business. The micro brewery comes into their view,

Fully Automatic 10BBL-2V Brewhouse-Steam Heating

Since 2004, YoLong team has designed many different brewhouse combinations.


This 2-vessel brewing system with a mash/lauter & HLT combination vessel, kettle/whirlpool combination vessel. you can do 2 batches/per day with this system.

YoLong Brewery System
YoLong Brewery System
YoLong Brewery System

Why you choose the micro brewery equipment?

  1. The most cost-effective choice under a limited budget and limited space.
  2. The connection and layout of pipes, valves and control cabinet have already been completed, saving a lot of onsite hassle.
  3. The adaptable skid mounted system can be installed and adapted easily on different cases.
  4. Certain auxiliary equipment can also be mounted on the skid, such as pumps, plate heat exchanger, wort grant, etc.
  5. The connection and layout of pipes, valves and control cabinet have already been completed, saving a lot of onsite hassle.

To be honest, YoLong has been committed to becoming synonymous with high-quality brewery supplier in China since its establishment, we have always maintained the same level as other suppliers. and the higher quality has already help us to win the reputation from brewers all over the world.

Brewing System
Brewing System

Why you choose YoLong instead of other brewery supplier?

  • Between YoLong and North American and Western European suppliers, YoLong can keep the same level as this supplier but we can provide you with the much lower price.
  • Between YoLong and Chinese suppliers, YoLong have design, welding, manufacture, service far beyond theirs.
  • We all know that the direction of pipeline can greatly affect the brewing efficiency and energy loss, YoLong never skimp on using raw materials to pursue the best using efficiency.
  • YoLong have made too much specific design and details, like spare port for linking the soft pipe to wash, waterproof connection on the control cabinet and so on.

YoLong provide every clients with free consult and customized design according their actual case.

The Bespoke differences in custom brewing systems

We don’t believe in the same “standard” design for each brewing system, because to the YoLong team, each of our customers is unique. For each project, we will design a plan according to the country and location of the brewery, the size of the space, the brewmaster’s usage habits and the type of beer, and the most important thing is to consider the needs of customers. So they all got their unique and customized brewery.

So contact our team if you want to work with YoLong team on your brewery design.

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We put this Share plan together to help people and share the knowledge – but we understand there are many different ideas, we want to learn together about the most attractive brewhouse design! So we are keen to hear your feedback and comments. As a professional brewing system manufacturer, we will keep your thoughts and plans updated.

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