YoLong 200HL Storage Tanks

YoLong 200HL Storage Tanks

Tanks for storage are usually situated in a cooler section and not typically insulated. A manway is located on the top of the storage vessels, and sometimes on the side (side manway) if the tank is ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) rated 30-psi. A drain can be found at the bottom to facilitate drainage of contents.

Essential Storage Tank Components:

  • Pressure release valve
  • Site glass
  • Sample test cock
  • Side racking arm for yeast cake positioning

If you have a specific custom tank or vessel you require to be fabricated for the most competitive price and to the highest specifications and standard, please contact our friendly team for more information.

Many industries use tanks and vessels for the different stages of the production process. It is for this reason that YoLong offer a wide range of tanks and vessels for our customers’ production lines.

Every YoLong tank pressure vessel is designed and fabricated according to PED and AS standards. The following stainless steel tanks and vessels are in stock, and available for shipping today:

  • Mixing Tank
  • Cooling Tank
  • Water Storage Tank
  • Jacked Tank
  • Insulation Tank
  • Process Tank
  • CIP Tank
  • Brewery Tank
  • Cellar Tanks
  • Kettle

YoLong has been manufacturing above ground stainless steel storage tanks since 2004. We have in stock vertical and horizontal types.

The YoLong team have the experience to design and fabricate a custom vessel that meets the unique storage and holding needs of your product.


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