Everything You Need to Know About YoLong Brewhouse Tech

What is a Brewhouse?

yolong brewhouse commissioning in workshop

YoLong Brewhouse Commissioning In Workshop

A brewhouse setup always includes the following components:

  • Mash cooker
  • Mash mixer
  • Lauter tun
  • Brew kettle
  • Whirlpool tank

For those keen brewers who want to save on space and money, a brew kettle and whirlpool tank combination is often preferred.

The components of a brewhouse are referred to as vessels. There is a brewhouse size to fit every production requirement: it all depends on the size of the site where the brewhouse it to be installed, what is the projected output of the operation, and whether the customer needs any customization.

Our prospective buyers are a real eclectic bunch of folks! They range from the avid amateur who wants to set up their own homebrew system to full-scale commercial production enterprises. We accommodate each query and encourage an active dialog in finding the best brewhouse solution for every individual.

Brewhouse Brewing Systems’ Sizes & Capacities

yolong brewhouse on site

YoLong Brewhouse on site

One of the first things we ask a customer during a consultation is what production scale are they interested in?

YoLong build each brewhouse on a case-by-case basis. Are you a small-scale home brewer who wants to be able to supply local celebrations or events?

Then a craft or nano brewery setup is most suitable for your needs. Or are you a restaurant, winebar, or pub that wants to establish your own craft beer brand? A brewpub would be the best installation for that.

We also manufacture large-scale, full-production brewhouse systems for national and international commercial distribution.

Everything You Need to Know About Brewery Expansions

YoLong: Your One-Stop Brewery Expansion Shop!

The people have spoken, and they say it’s time for MORE of your great beer! The first thing you have to consider is how much space do you have for your brewery expansion, and how much more beer do you want to produce?

In conjunction with the best international system suppliers, with proven global accessibility, YoLong can handle any general contracting, shop and field tank construction, brewery equipment advice, and large tank transportation and installation. We are your one-stop brewery setup shop.

Maximize Beer Production

The YoLong team will help you every step of the way when you want to expand your current brewery setup. You can even start all over again from scratch with a greenfield project. It doesn’t matter if your brewery expansion has some space, time, or budget challenges, because we can deliver and install all the tools you need to maximize your output while maintaining the integrity of your craft and product.

YoLong Equipment Design

YoLong Equipment Design

YoLong Equipment Installation

YoLong Equipment Installation

New Brewery Construction

When you know it’s time to grow your brewing business, you need to decide on who will be the general contractor and project management team as early on in the process as possible. This is a critical decision because you will need expert advice to help you confront space and foundation considerations, and to whom will the work be sub-contracted. But above all, you will be wondering how much your brewery expansion plans are going to cost, and in which areas is it feasible to save money.

We at YoLong get queries about these issues every week, and our experts can answer all those question you have, and propose the solution to some problems you haven’t even considered yet!


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