yeast tank

The growth of yeast in a brewery has a profound effect on the final quality of the beer, as well as the aroma and taste. To create the best process efficiency, brewers must have a reasonable understanding of all the factors that contribute to the growth of yeast in the fermenter. A YoLong yeast propagation plant, to maximize the viability and vitality of the yeast during propagation, is the best place to start.

YoLong Yeast Propagation Systems

Yeast Propagation Systems

Yeast Propagation Systems

At YoLong, we engineer our yeast propagation equipment under strict sterile conditions. This is necessary for the maintenance of controlled yeast supply and renewal. YoLong yeast propagation systems can be adapted to suit the strain of yeast you use. There is a selection of single or multi-vessel setups, depending on which yeast strain is to be introduced.

Yeast Tank

YoLong offer high efficiency yeast propagation tank for yeast propogation, yeast propagation vessel is composed of cylinder and conial bottom, insulated and welding with cooling and heating jacket.The yeast pump can be used with our CIP system, which is perfect for your craft or home brewery.


  • Inner mirror polishing, all fittings welded with inner shell is no dead coner for cleaning,
  • Yeast propogator capacity from 1bbl to 50bbl
  • SS 304 construction
  • Top Pressure Manway
  • One rotary spray balls connect with CIP pipe
  • Aseptic sampling valve
  • Insulated with PU-foam
  • Two dimple jackets for cooling and heating
  • Inner mirror polishing
  • Four adjustable legs

Our yeast propagation system is easy to operate and technologically advanced, and can quickly optimize your yeast and bacteria. If you need to buy a yeast tank, please contact YoLong.

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