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Founded in 2004 – With over 15 years’ experience in the brewery equipment manufacturing business – YoLong Brewtech has set the standard for fabricating custom-designed and pre-made brewing equipment at the highest levels of value and quality. Our dedicated and experienced team has helped us become an industry leader in manufacturing products for one of the most fast-growing industry sectors in the world: Beverages; Beer; Cold Brewed Coffee; Kombucha; Infused Teas; Wine.

YoLong Brewtech’s staff work together in our state-of-the-art 36,000 m2 / 3350 ft2 manufacturing plant in the Ningbo City Economic Development Zone, China. We ensure every custom-designed project is fabricated to our customer’s exact specifications. The YoLong manufacturing plant is able to meet virtually any specification a customer requires.

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About YoLong

YoLong Brewtech Key Personnel

WeiQing Zhang: President

“YoLong has been offering brewmasters and craft beer making professionals the best brewing solutions since we first opened our factory doors in 2004. We remain committed to producing the highest quality brewery tanks and one-stop brewery equipment service to our customers. You are most welcome to talk to the team of experts at YoLong”

Leeping: General Director

“We like to keep it simple at YoLong: Best quality, competitive prices, and on-time delivery is our motto. Please talk to us about your brewery equipment requirements; we promise to have the best brewery solution for you.”

Ray Ran: Overseas Director

“At YoLong, we focus on fabricating the perfect brewery equipment. It is my pleasure to bring the best equipment and supplies to the people who are involved in the brewing and beverage industry all over the world. “

Jason Wang: Engineering Director

“Professional commercial and craft brewery system design is my passion. The most enriching experience is to design and manufacture the highly specialized brewery equipment and systems to suit each site layout, installation, and technical solution. “

Dacai Zhao: Production Director

“Quality control is my role in the company. Maintaining the highest quality is both the first and last items on the YoLong production agenda. We follow the strictest protocols backed up by inspections and adamant rules on the production. We always work in conjunction with client’s requirements and international fabrication standards, certifications and guidelines. “

Rowling Mah: Designer

After studying engineering design and equipment design and layout for over 8 years, Rowling joined the YoLong Team and now have many brewery design and layout projects under her belt. She becomes very involved in the structural integrity of brewery and final setup. Rowling is a genius at using 3D Solidworks and AutoCAD to focus on the finest details and operation. On her off days, she is also an outstanding brewmaster with a real flair for beer!

Allen Chen: Programming Engineer

Allen is an absolutely perfectionist. He produces the beautiful codes that is an integral part of YoLong systems’ Siemens and Rockwell programming. If you want your system to do something, you can be assured that Allen will be able to write a code for it! Our clients like and appreciate Allen so much for his reliable and straightforward programming skills.

Shaw Lee: Markrting Manager

Calling all beer fans and those entrepreneurs out there who have a dream of brewing and producing their own beer: Shaw can guide you through the entire process. He can help you select the best equipment and all you have to do is tell him what brewing goals you have in mind. Shaw offers all the support you need from concept to reality, no matter how big or small you setup is planned to be.

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