Brewpub equipment – usually a restaurant or gastropub – that sells beer brewed on the premises. The beer is most typically dispensed from kegs for beer on tap, and not bottles. The size of those brewpub equipment are mainly started from 5HL / BBL to 10HL / BBL. Mostly were the two vessels combo with semi-auto control level. So in terms of this prupose that the first aspect we would consider of the brewpub equipment was the cost-effective as these are mainly upgraded from the homebrew and at the start stage of the commercial that everything need to keep the high cost effective.

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Estimating the cost of brewery equipment

Usually the brewpub equipment won’t be able to upgrade to the commericial brewery size,hereby with with the business development that the brewpub will be instead by the commercial brewing equipment,So at the start stage of the brewpub business scale we won’t need to keep more potential capacity on the system designs insteadly the first aspect are still the cost effective. Like the semi-auto control level, gas / elec heating option, integrated control cabinet, Uni-tanks etc.

The Setup of Brewpub Equipment

The ideal brewpub setup is one where the beer manufacturing process is in full view of the customers. The transparent glass wall acts as a barrier for health, safety, and security reasons. The customer is able to observe how the beer they are drinking is made right in front of them. More importantly, the beer produced in a brewpub is served with maximum freshness and hasn’t suffered any adverse effects from transportation and storage problems. Some configuration recommendation are following up:


  • Two vessels combo brewhouse of Mash Lauter Tun & Kettle Whirlpool Tank
  • Gas / Elec Heating recommended, unless the steam available on site
  • Semi-auto control cabinet, or integraded PLC + HMI for both of BH & Fermentation
  • Double size HLT, CLT is unnecessary
  • Double stages PHE, Wort cooling down by both of tap water & glycol


  • One & Double size Uni-tanks
  • Chiller & Glycol Reservoir for both of wort cooling & fermentation temp remain
  • Semi-auto control cabinet, or integraded PLC + HMI for both of BH & Fermentation

Auxiliary equipment:

  • Trolley Pumps
  • Semi-auto keg washer < Can use keg for pub tap serving>

Examples of Brewpub Brewing Equipment




6HL Brewpub for Mercedes Benz

6HL Brewpub for Mercedes Benz

Advantages of a Turnkey Brewpub & Restaurant Brewery Supplies with YoLong

YoLong Completed Brewpub #1 for Brewdog

YoLong Completed Brewpub #1 for Brewdog

Apart from the brewpub equipment quality need to be reviewed before pub setup, However for other aspects aslo be the indispensable abilities of a qualified supplier.Advantages of a Turnkey Brewpub & Restaurant Brewery Project with YoLong.

  1. Professional Brewpub Design

YoLong designs and installs so you can save on space and costs. Every YoLong brewhouse is set up on skids, as this compact design works best with the dimensions of every brewpub establishment.

For each one of our brewpub / restaurant brewhouse layouts, YoLong custom-creates a 3D model design using state of the art Solidworks and CAD. This brewpub layout technique ensures every detail – from malt handling to beer tapping to piping – is laid out for maximum use of space and productivity: the perfect blend of aesthetics, functionality, and machinery.

  1. Brewpub Project Turnkey Finish

At YoLong, we focus on the finish product and details during every step of the fabrication process. We have a rich tradition of presenting the final product on time, ready to begin production, and perfectly polished. We bring this experience and expertise to every brewpub project we undertake.

YoLong Quality: The standard of vessels is inside 2B, Ra≤0.6 and external #4 or copper finish.

  1. Control Cabinets for Brewpub Automation

When you have your brewpub on full display to the customers on your premises, the last thing you want to be doing is manually operating every stage of your own brewery setup. Ask any homebrewer, and they will tell you that being involved in the brewery process is hard work. Therefore, YoLong offer two control system options for brewpubs and restaurants: semi-automatic or fully automatic control.

  1. Commissioned & Checked Before Shipment

Every brewhouse undergoes full processing and commissioning at the YoLong facility before shipment commences. We test temperature control status, piping work, programming in PLC, material flow, etc. in accordance with the YoLong promise and guarantee for a fully functional and successful brewing experience. Our customers get a complete turnkey service.

YoLong Brewpub Design

YoLong Brewpub Design



How To Calculate Brewpub Equipment Cost?

Regarding the setup of pub brewing or restaurant brewing establishments, the design is completely different from that of microbreweries. Brewpub establishment owners want to have their brewing area aesthetically beautiful to catch the eye, but also with a larger output.

In the meantime, the configuration of the brewpub will also be completely different from the commercial scale breweries, the brewpub as the start stage of the business which require the brewpub equipment be able to maximize the profits based on the specified budget. So, on the basis of brew quality and reliability for the brewpub brewery configuration will reduce a few high automation controls to keep the cost effective.

From the customers’ point of view, they want to eat and drink in a place where the production of beer entertains them, but also doesn’t intrude upon their meal.

So, base on all above, this means the design and layout and configuration of brewing equipment for a brewpub or restaurant must consider the following:

The difference between Brewpub and commercial brewing start-up costs:

YoLong Completed Brewpub #2 for Brewdog

YoLong Completed Brewpub #2 for Brewdog

Well-appointed, beautifully finished, and obviously high-quality brewing equipment set up as a brewpub and restaurant has proven to be an instant hit with customers all over the world.

Want To Bulid / Grow Your Brewry?

From equipment costs to brewery size, construction costs and licensing, brewery operating costs can vary widely depending on your specific operation.

When estimating the price of your investment, We have Multiple types of equipment are available as well as brewery equipment financing options to help you start up and running.

  • Nano Brewery Equipment (1BBL-5BBL)
  • Brewpub Brewing Equipment(5BBL-10BBL)
  • Microbrewery Equipment (10BBL-20BBL)
  • Commercial Brewery Equipment(20BBL-50BBL)

Contact us to learn more about of brewing equipment or submit a request for brewery pricing using the button below.



Our Priority Guarantee When You Choice YoLong Brewhouse Equipment

  • Your facility premises are utilized to their fullest capacity, with precedence given to safety and stability.

  • Your brewhouse is ready on time and can begin function immediately.

  • Your brewing production or expansion needs are fully met.

  • Your budget is respected and you are completely satisfied with the quote you receive.

  • You are guaranteed the highest quality of international standard equipment.


  • PED, AS1210 pressure vessels
  • UL/CUL/CE electrical cabinet control
  • Brewing system manuals

Custom Design

  • Site-size & budget-friendly custom designed equipment
  • Wide range of capacity & automation levels
  • All customer inquiries welcome

Product Testing & Manufacturing

  • Surface polishing & Pressure testing
  • Welding inspection
  • Production management

YoLong Quality Assurance

  • Highest international standard brewery equipment
  • Excellent detailing & finish
  • World renowned accessories and electronics

Delivery Time Assurance

  • Equipment delivered & installed on time
  • Regular progress updates with etailed product images
  • Informative project scheduling & reports

Within YoLong Warranty

  • Tank replacement
  • Personal customer service
  • Help whenever you need it & free training

Why Trust YoLong?

Reviews of our customers

“We use YoLong brewhouse (20HL, fully automated), their water station, CIP and all FV’s.”

I had my doubts ordering basically a whole brewery overseas, and was super worried what we were going to get when 5 trucks arrived from the port.

Equipment we got is of superb quality, perfect welds, well polished, packaged and you could see it was taken care of really good. It runs great, in 1 year we had zero (0) problems, except 2 leaks of seals on pumps, but that is normal. Guys at YoLong are also super responsive, we were able to solve everything via Skype. The guys in YoLong is super friendly and had great knowledge of the brewing process and equipment overall. And they’re also super responsive, even during their nighttime if there’s a case of emergency.”

Overall I would recommend YoLong without a second of hesitation.

“We wanted to invest in most quality equipment our budget permitted. Most European manufactures were far beyond our budget, and we had heard horror stories about Chinese manufactures. We were lucky to get a reference for YoLong and contact them, requesting a proposal. After their initial tender, we had a lot of correspondence to customize our equipment in our needs. Communication was easy, and that is rare when dealing with Chinese manufacturers. They were able to provide easy and affordable solutions to our demands. They also refuse to use cheap and unreliable components. We were able to design a robust 4-vessel 20hL brewhouse, capable of producing beers with plato over 25. Although YoLong is not the cheapest, they are a manufacturer that can guarantee reliability and lifetime service.”

“I highly recommend this company as I found them and there team to be very professional to work with and there workmanship to be first class.
I would defiantly buy from them in the future and recommend to anyone that is serious about high quality equipment purchasing.”

“After a year of research, Yolong Brewtech was suggested to us, the service was professional, reliable and comprehensive, the manufacturing quality impeccable. We had found our manufacturer. We will continue to work with Yolong Brewtech for our future projects’”.

“Yolong has been superior, and world class in providing for our brewing industry stainless steel fabrication needs. Their communication, guidance, expertise and support has always been outstanding, and I am often surprised by their generosity and willingness to go above and beyond with creative solutions and after sales support. Working with Yolong feels like a collaborative partnership, and I absolutely recommend their high quality brewery manufactur, and will be using them again in future.”

“We had been planning to upgrade our brewhouse for several years and decided on a skid-mounted, two vessel 13HL system from YoLong. They have been great to work with and we are really excited to take delivery of the brewhouse and get brewing.”

“We ordered a couple of tanks and accessories from Yolong Brewtech were responsive and understood our needs well. Production was completed in a timely manner and quality was good. But most importantly, after sales service was good and they were able to troubleshoot and offer solutions to most problems that we encountered.”

“We are very happy with the professional help we got to customize our brew house. Quick answers and broad understanding of our needs.”

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