An establishment – usually a restaurant or gastropub – that sells beer brewed on the premises. The beer is most typically dispensed from kegs for beer on tap, and not bottles.

The Ideal Brewpub Setup

The ideal brewpub setup is one where the beer manufacturing process is in full view of the customers. The transparent glass wall acts as a barrier for health, safety, and security reasons. The customer is able to observe how the beer they are drinking is made right in front of them. More importantly, the beer produced in a brewpub is served with maximum freshness and hasn’t suffered any adverse effects from transportation and storage problems.

6HL Brewpub for Mercedes Benz

6HL Brewpub for Mercedes Benz

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YoLong Brewpub Equipment for Sale

Regarding the setup of pub brewing or restaurant brewing establishments, the design is completely different from that of microbreweries. Brewpub establishment owners want to have their brewing area aesthetically beautiful to catch the eye, but also with a larger output. This is because many brewpubs go on to become recognisable name brands in their own right, and begin to offer beer for sale to the public at home. This means many brewpubs must come with the adaptability of being able to change from kegs to bottles/cans.

From the customers’ point of view, they want to eat and drink in a place where the production of beer entertains them, but also doesn’t intrude upon their meal. This means the design and layout of brewing equipment for a brewpub or restaurant must consider the following:

  • Aesthetics
  • Utilization of space
  • Safety
  • Easier Operation
  • Waste Water Treatment
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Expansion possibilities

Well-appointed, beautifully finished, and obviously high-quality brewing equipment set up as a brewpub and restaurant has proven to be an instant hit with customers all over the world.

YoLong Completed Brewpub #1 for Brewdog

YoLong Completed Brewpub #1 for Brewdog

YoLong Completed Brewpub #2 for Brewdog

YoLong Completed Brewpub #2 for Brewdog

Advantages of a Turnkey Brewpub & Restaurant Brewery Project with YoLong

  1. Professional Design

YoLong designs and installs so you can save on space and costs. Every YoLong brewhouse is set up on skids, as this compact design works best with the dimensions of every brewpub establishment.

For each one of our brewpub / restaurant brewhouse layouts, YoLong custom-creates a 3D model design using state of the art Solidworks and CAD. This brewpub layout technique ensures every detail – from malt handling to beer tapping to piping – is laid out for maximum use of space and productivity: the perfect blend of aesthetics, functionality, and machinery.

YoLong Brewpub Design

YoLong Brewpub Design

  1. Turnkey Finish

At YoLong, we focus on the finish and details during every step of the fabrication process. We have a rich tradition of presenting the final product on time, ready to begin production, and perfectly polished. We bring this experience and expertise to every brewpub project we undertake.

YoLong Quality: The standard of vessels is inside 2B, Ra≤0.6 and external #4 or copper finish.

  1. Control Cabinets for Automation

When you have your brewpub on full display to the customers on your premises, the last thing you want to be doing is manually operating every stage of your own brewery setup. Ask any homebrewer, and they will tell you that being involved in the brewery process is hard work. Therefore, YoLong offer two control system options for brewpubs and restaurants: semi-automatic or fully automatic control.

  1. Commissioned & Checked Before Shipment

Every brewhouse undergoes full processing and commissioning at the YoLong facility before shipment commences. We test temperature control status, piping work, programming in PLC, material flow, etc. in accordance with the YoLong promise and guarantee for a fully functional and successful brewing experience. Our customers get a complete turnkey service.




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