fermentation tanks

Fermentation tanks

Are you looking for a conical tank for your brewery? A conical fermenter is one of the most popular utilitarian beer fermenters on the market. 

The fermentation tank is essential microbrewery equipment. Fermenters are an important part of every brewery, from the smallest home brewery setup to the largest commercial brewery enterprise. 

Although any receptacle could ostensibly be used as a fermentation vessel, the technology used to manufacture these vessels today is state of the art. You could say that a fermenter is where all the magic happens, where the great craft beer is born.

With this in mind, the fermentation tank should always be the object of key supervision and management, if you want the end result to be the production of high-quality beer. 

Fermentation Tank Essentials

Fermentation tanks are essential for beer production. They are where yeast converts sugars into alcohol and carbon dioxide, which gives beer its characteristic taste and texture. As such, the quality of fermentation tanks plays a significant role in the quality of beer produced. In this section, we will discuss the essential features of high-quality fermentation tanks, including the materials used, ease of use and maintenance, user experience, durability, size and setup, stability, and budget-friendliness.

High-Quality Materials and Craftsmanship

The materials used in fermentation tanks can significantly affect the quality of beer produced. Stainless steel is the most common material used in commercial fermentation tanks, thanks to its durability, corrosion resistance, and ease of cleaning. Other materials such as copper, plastic, and wood can also be used but are less common. Regardless of the material used, the quality of the materials and craftsmanship is crucial. High-quality materials and craftsmanship ensure that the fermentation tank is well-built and long-lasting, minimizing the risk of leaks or other issues that can affect beer quality.

Ease of Understanding, Operating, and Maintaining

Fermentation tanks should be designed to be easy to understand, operate, and maintain. This means that the tanks should have a simple design that is easy to comprehend, and the operation should be straightforward. Additionally, maintenance requirements should be minimal, and the tanks should be easy to clean. This makes it easier for brewers to focus on the brewing process, rather than worrying about technical issues or complicated procedures.

User Experience

User experience is a critical consideration when choosing fermentation tanks. The tanks should have features that enhance the user experience, such as easy-to-use valves and fittings, clear and visible level indicators, and adjustable legs or feet. These features make it easier for brewers to work with the tanks, resulting in a more efficient and productive brewing process.

Durability and Longevity

Durability and longevity are essential features of high-quality fermentation tanks. They should be built to last and withstand the harsh conditions of brewing. A durable fermentation tank can provide years of reliable service and minimize the risk of leaks or other issues that can affect beer quality. Factors that affect the longevity of fermentation tanks include the materials used, the construction method, and the level of maintenance.

Proper Size and Setup

Choosing the right size and setup for fermentation tanks is crucial for efficient and effective beer production. Factors that determine the size of fermentation tanks include the volume of beer produced, the type of beer produced, and the brewing process used. The setup of the fermentation tanks should also be considered, including the location of the tanks, the layout of the brewery, and the necessary utilities such as water and electricity. Proper sizing and setup ensure that the fermentation process is optimized, resulting in higher-quality beer and increased production efficiency.


Stability is another essential feature of fermentation tanks. Stability ensures that the fermentation process is consistent, resulting in consistent beer quality. Factors that affect the stability of fermentation tanks include the design of the tanks, the materials used, and the environmental conditions. Stable fermentation tanks minimize the risk of contamination, which can result in off-flavors and aromas in the beer.


While high-quality fermentation tanks may come at a higher cost, there are options for budget-friendly tanks that still provide reliable service and quality beer production. Factors that affect the cost of fermentation tanks include the materials used, the size of the tanks, and the level of customization required. Careful consideration of these factors can help breweries find affordable options that meet their brewing needs without compromising on quality.

At the beginning of any brewery setup, the brewmaster or operations manager must focus on buying the best and most reliable cellar tanks. This is key to consistently long-term, high quality beer production. Even if you pay a little more for the unit you are buying, a solidly good fermentation tank produces tastier beer, which leads to more profit and a faster payoff. Cutting corners is never a good idea if you want to replicate your beer recipe accurately and reliably every time.

YoLong Beer Fermentation Tanks are constructed with cooling jacket, insulation, and cone-shape bottom called conical tanks or conical fermenters. The best brewing fermenter is constructed from premium grade stainless steel. A stainless steel fermenter is both durable and strong.

Our best selling Stainless Steel Fermentation Tank comes complete with top-dished head and custom-fabricated round body.

All YoLong welding is done under a controlled protection-gas atmosphere; interior and exterior finishes are perfected, and cooling jackets complete the highest standard YoLong Fermentation Tank/Vessel.

YoLong has been fabricating internationally recognized superior standard stainless steel tanks for over 15 years. We can provide PED and AS1210 certifications for your custom-ordered fermentation vessel that meets the government requirements in your country anywhere in the world.

It is this dedication to consistently finest finished production, as well as the durable and long lasting quality of every YoLong fermenter produced, that has earned us global recognition as the beer equipment manufacturer of choice.

fermentation tanks

Fermentation tanks

Custom Beer Fermenter

How to plan ahead the brewery fermentation tanks for your brewery?

We suggest that you always base your choice on what room space is available (length/height x width x breadth) on site at your chosen location.

Next: what beer output do you need for stable supply and sales? Do you have an expansion planned? What are your mid to long term beer production goals?


Choose the volume of the fermenter for beer according to the output of the Brewhouse. You can choose a fermenter based on single, double, or even multiple times the volume of the Brewhouse output. Of course, this depends on the total output efficiency  of the brewhouse. Conical fermentation is one of the most requested brewery equipment orders we are asked to custom produce for our valued clientele. 


Arranging each fermentation period according to the output plan. The work schedule of the tank, the cleaning cycle, if they work efficiently, etc. Operating efficiency is directly related to your profit turnover.


  • As your brewery business expands, you may find that the current number of existing fermentation tanks is not enough. If the space is already fully utilized, your best bet might be to build an additional cellar room. Each YoLong fermenter is manufactured to work on its own or with many other fermenters, according to the volume output you require.
  • YoLong fermenters can be bought with a few to future expansion; if more volume output is needed, we can help you plan how to make space for subsequent expansions of production capacity. 
  • If you want bigger output, you can choose the YoLong unitank, which acts in the capacity of a fermenter and BBT. This arrangement will free up space for you to fit in more fermenters. 
  • Before your YoLong fermentation tank is delivered, a drainage ditch must be designed.
  • For countries located in earthquake zones, New Zealand, Japan, etc. Every fermenter is shipped with bolt holes on the fermentation tank legs which can then be fixed in place. This must be requested in advance so that the bolt holes can be included in the design.

fermentation tanks

Fermentation tanks manufacturer

Large Fermentation Tanks

For large fermentation tanks, the production process, as well as the transportation and installation, are far more cumbersome than small size fermenters.

During the manufacturing process, large-scale fermentation tank production processes require specialist lifting tools.  This means that the manufacturing process is slower, because the workers have to add highest quality welding and other production parts.

The length of a single weld for a large-scale fermentation tank takes longer for our welding technicians to do. The work must show beautiful craftsmanship, as well as functionality and flawless finish.

Staying focused for a longer period ensures continuous consistency and quality of the welds: the hallmark of any YoLong conical fermenter. Additionally, controlled measures are taken to ensure there is no roughness or dent, because this is where germs can hide. Aesthetics and hygiene are important here at YoLong.

In the process of assembling the inner and outer cylinders, a vehicle-mounted crane is used during assembly. This requires the skill of the workers who operate the hoists and ground cooperating personnel are there to oversee.

This skilled and coordinated effort ensures the perfect combination of the inner and outer cylinders, with no friction and scratches, no matter how large the stainless fermenter size.

Large-scale fermentation tanks are more complicated to manufacture than small-scale fermentation tanks. They are generally set up outdoors, and that means the place where they are to be set up must be built in advance.

The ground must be level and able to bear the fermenter’s weight. This is why every large scale YoLong fermentation tank comes with special adjustable feet, which allows it to automatically adapt to minor ground irregularities, keeping the bulky fermenter perpendicular to the ground for stability.

A YoLong conical fermenter is designed to promote optimal beer fermentation. If you are looking for a conical fermenter for sale, please contact the YoLong team and we can suggest the best fermentation equipment to suit your budget and layout.

The most common choice-conical fermentation tank

Commercial/ industrial stainless steel conical beer fermenter is a modular cylindrically-conical tank consist of a base tank (BT) and expansion accessories (valves, fittings, armatures etc.). By choosing and using various types of expansion accessories, it is possible to assemble the tank in several configurations that are optimal for production process. Accessories for expansion of the modular cylindrically- conical tanks include: Manhole, butterfly valve, sample valve, safety valve, venting valve, thermometer socket, manometer and filling level indicator.

YoLong conical fermenter are designed to promote optimal fermentation of beer.


  • Made of stainless steel 304
  • Standardized dimensions and equipment, or according to individual customer requirements
  • Classic design, PU insulation, double stainless steel jacket, water (or glycol) cooling duplicators
  • Accurate temperature control and reliable CIP are requirements to ensure a quality finished product
  • Fermenters offered with side rotating racking arms or standpipe design plus hop ports.
  • An extra tri-clamp fitting can be added for a carbonation stone if desired.
  • Cone angles can be changed to suit customer requirements.
  • Adjustable pressure valve for controlled fermentation – Overpressure setting mechanism with a glycerine manometer
  • PU insulation – polyurethane insulation with thickness according to the size of the tank and the target environment
  • Guaranteed inner surface roughness : Ra < 0.8 μm or less (grinded surfaces) / Ra < 0.5 μm or less (polished surfaces), according to customer´s requirement
  • Service door (manhole) on the top cone or on cylinder part, according to customer requirements
  • Pure-beverage output armature with a butterfly valve for pure beverage (beer, wine, cider) output
  • Sample valve – cleanable and sanitizable sampling cock for collection product samples
  • Safety valve – double-acting overpressure and vaccum protection safety valve
  • Venting valve – Dedicated venting valve for safety draining of the tank and for accurate measuring of current pressure in the tank using manometer (it ensures properly function of the manometer when the shower ball shower is blocked with a foam)
  • Thermometer socket – welded socket for inserting of thermosensor or thermometer
  • Manometer – It is included in the set of the adjustable pressure valve. Made of stainless steel, with glycerine inside.
  • Filling level indicator – Sanitizable glass or plastic pipe for visualisation height level of the beverage product in the tank
Large fermentation tanks
conical fermentation tank-Side manway

YoLong Beer Fermenters

As a beer brewer, you know that the transformation of wort into beer is the most crucial stage in the beer making process. Without a good fermenter, your beer may not reach its full potential. That’s why selecting the right fermenter for your brewery setup is essential. YoLong is the ideal place to begin your search for a new fermenter. Our team of experts offers a complete custom service to help you look at product pricing, options, designs, and installations. We will do all the work for you when it comes to choosing the best fermenter for your brewery setup.

YoLong Beer Fermenters

YoLong is a leading manufacturer of beer brewing equipment, including beer fermenters. With years of experience in the industry, our team of experts can provide you with the best possible solutions for your brewery setup. We offer a range of fermenters suitable for small homebrew setups to large-scale commercial breweries. Our fermenters are made from high-quality materials and designed to ensure maximum efficiency and reliability.

Conical Bottom Structure

The classic fermenter shape used in breweries now has a conical bottom structure. This design allows for the yeast and sediment to settle at the bottom of the fermenter, making it easier to remove and resulting in clearer beer. YoLong offers a complete floor layout and installation service to assist the brewer in determining optimal floor space utilization. Our team can help you create the perfect layout for your brewery setup, ensuring that your fermenters are installed in the most efficient way possible.

Brewery Expansion and Fermenters

Fermenters are essential when considering brewery expansion. More fermenters equal more beer. That’s the beauty about buying a fermenter for beer: you can select one for the most humble homebrew setup or buy twenty fermenter vessels for a multimillion-dollar expansion. YoLong fermenters are available in various sizes, making them a perfect choice for any brewery setup. Our team can help you determine the optimal number of fermenters for your expansion plans.

Choosing the Right Fermenter

When selecting a fermenter, there are several factors to consider, such as size, capacity, and material. Our team of experts can help you select the right fermenter for your brewery setup based on your specific needs.

Other factors to consider include the ease of cleaning, accessibility for adding ingredients, and the ability to control temperature and pressure. YoLong fermenters are designed with all these factors in mind, making them a top choice for brewers. Our team can guide you through the selection process and help you choose the best fermenter for your brewery setup.

Benefits of YoLong Fermenters

There are several benefits to using YoLong fermenters in your brewery setup:

  • Durability and Reliability: Our fermenters are made from high-quality materials, ensuring their durability and reliability. They are designed to withstand the demands of the brewing process and last for many years with proper maintenance.
  • Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness: YoLong fermenters are designed for maximum efficiency, helping to streamline the brewing process and save you time and money. They are also cost-effective, with competitive pricing and low maintenance costs.
  • Quality Control and Consistency: Our fermenters are designed to ensure consistent beer quality. With precise temperature and pressure control, you can be sure that every batch of beer will meet your exacting standards.

In Conclusion, Selecting the right fermenter is essential for the success of your brewery. YoLong offers a range of high-quality fermenters suitable for any brewery setup, with a team of experts ready to guide you through the selection process. Consider YoLong for your next brewery expansion or homebrew setup and experience the benefits of our durable, efficient, and consistent fermenters.

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