fermentation tanks

fermentation tanks

Also known as FVs, fermentation vessels or fermenters are the tanks / barrels / vessels where wort turns into beer. You could say that a fermenter is where all the magic happens.

Fermentation vessels are an important part of every brewery, from the smallest home brewery setup to the largest commercial brewery enterprise. Although any receptacle could ostensibly be used as a fermenter, the technology used to manufacture these vessels today is state of the art.

YoLong cylindroconical Beer Fermentation Tank with cooling jacket, insulation, and cone-shape bottom. Stainless Steel Fermentation Tank comes complete with top-dished head and custom-fabricated round body.

All welding is done under a controlled protection-gas atmosphere; interior and exterior finishes are perfected, and cooling jackets complete the highest standard YoLong Fermentation Tank/Vessel.

YoLong has been fabricating internationally recognized superior standard stainless steel tanks for over 15 years. We can provide PED and AS1210 certifications for your custom-ordered fermentation vessel that meets the government requirements in your country anywhere in the world.

fermentation tanks

fermentation tanks


  • Capacity available from 1/2 bbl, 5bbl, 10bbl, 20bbl, 30bbl fermenter to 200bbl
  • SS 304 construction
  • Top dished head with pressure vacuum relief valve
  • Top manway or side shadowless manhole
  • Dry Hopping port with cap
  • Sanitary rotary spray ball
  • PU foam insulated
  • Cooling jacket on cylinder and cone bottom
  • The optional jacket for hot water heating in cold area to ensure good fermentation
  • Side CIP arm assembly with bung valve and pressure gauge
  • Sanitary thermowell
  • Sample Valves
  • Cone racking arm
  • 60 degree to 90 degree cone bottom
  • Bottom discharge
  • Four legs adjustable feet, optional for anti-seismic
  • Internal shell: 2B, External Shell polished #4
  • Available pressure certificates of PED for 2014/68/EU, AS1210 etc
    fermentation tanks

    fermentation tanks


The Best Fermenter for Your Brewery Setup

Whether you have a homebrew setup or produce a million barrels of your beer each year, the transformation of wort into beer is the most crucial stage in the beer making process. YoLong is the ideal place to begin your search for a new fermenter. Our team of experts offer a complete custom service to help you look at product pricing, options, designs, and installations. We will do all the work for you when it comes to choosing the best fermenter for your brewery setup.

The classic fermenter shape used in breweries now has a conical bottom structure. The YoLong team can also offer a complete floor layout and installation service to assist the brewer determine optimal floor space utilization.

Fermenters are very important items when a brewery expansion is being considered. More fermenters = more beer. That’s the beauty about buying a fermenter for beer: you can select one for the most humble homebrew setup or buy twenty fermenter vessels for a multimillion dollar expansion.


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