Producing Processes To Build Up Cellar Tanks of Required Pressure Certificates


In brewery equipment, usually it requires different pressure certificates of fermentation tank and brite beer tank, it depends different countries and regions, such as AS1210 certificates(Australia Standard Pressure Tanks), PED /TUV certificates(Europe standard pressure tanks), ASME certificates(US, Canada, etc required pressure tanks). YoLong is able to manufacture kinds of different beer pressure vessels, which follow strictly applications procedures and ensure get certificates smoothly.

Fermentation Vessel is most common pressure vessel in breweries, which used to convert wort into beers, and government requires offer pressure certificates when you open a new brewery in some countries. Here we take a sample of PED certificated required fermenters to see what is the real procedures and how the fermenters complete manufacturing process.

Ⅰ. Pressure Vessel Certificates Prepared

To produce a pressure vessel, firstly you need to know the application procedures well and what’s documents you need to prepared in advance, below is the PED documents required in the producing process of fermentation vessels.

1.Fermenter drawings  2.Calculation Sheet  3.Design and Registration  4.Weld Seam Identification Card  5.WPS  6.WPQR  7.Dimension Inspection Report  8.Dished Head Certificate(1)Head Specifications Report(2)Quality Certificates(3)Quality Certification of Sheet Material  9.Stainless Steel Sheet Quality Certificates  10.Quality certification of seamless steel tube  11.Pressure Testing Report  12.Operation Manual  13.Welding evaluation report  14.Statement of Inspection institution  15.PED Certificates

Above documents you need to know in advance, so you can get them in the fermentation tanks producing, usually can find a good reputation inspection party to support you. So the firstly the engineers will complete the drawings when you the know the steps well, then we can start producing fermenters or brite tanks when the tanks drawings passed.

‖. Raw Material Purchasing & Quality Certification

The pressure certificates also need kinds of quality certifications when purchasing material, so we need to know if our suppliers can offer us the certifications we need, we choose our raw material suppliers carefully and they all have good reputation of their quality, it is smoothly to get the quality certificates. Such as Certificates of heads, stainless steel sheet, pipes, etc, we need to what we get from our suppliers is all high quality and proved by inspection, this is also a important for us to keep high quality of micro brewery equipment and gain good reputation from our customers.

Certificates of Pipes

Ⅲ. Pressure Vessel Producing/Process Inspection

When we finish the previous jobs, we can start the producing process, there are lot of work in the brewery tanks manufacturing process, we need to keep high quality and make sure inspection passed, especially the pressure testing and welding seam testing, the pressure vessel we produced, such as fermentation tanks, we will keep 7bar cooling jacket pressure to stay at least 24hours, which ensure the cooling jacket of jacketed fermentation vessels will not happen leakage.

Jacket Pressure Test(7Bar)

Ⅳ. Tanks Build up&Get Certifications

When the tanks build up, we need to submit manual, welders certificates…etc to help us get the pressure certificates, YoLong supply kinds of pressure tanks with Pressure Certificates, tanks mainly includes Fermentation Tank and Brite Beer Tank

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