Outstanding Customer Service, Sales and Technical Support on call for all your Brewery Equipment Queries.

We Fabricate The Best Brewery Equipment, So You Can Concentrate on Making The Best Beer!

Our Services Include:

From small-batch microbrewery equipment through to the biggest 100bbl vessels and
fermenters, you will find everything you need to optimize your brewery production here.


YoLong Industrial accreditation, certification, and qualified practices include:


  • PED, AS1210 pressure vessels
  • UL/CUL/CE electrical cabinet control
  • Brewing system manuals

Custom Design

  • Site-size & budget-friendly custom designed equipment
  • Wide range of capacity & automation levels
  • All customer inquiries welcome

Product Testing & Manufacturing

  • Surface polishing & Pressure testing
  • Welding inspection
  • Production management

YoLong Quality Assurance

  • Highest international standard brewery equipment
  • Excellent detailing & finish
  • World renowned accessories and electronics

Delivery Time Assurance

  • Equipment delivered & installed on time
  • Regular progress updates with etailed product images
  • Informative project scheduling & reports

Within YoLong Warranty

  • Tank replacement
  • Personal customer service
  • Help whenever you need it & free training


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