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The definition of TURNKEY is a service that involves the provision of a completed product or service – ready for immediate use: no running in, no warming up, just straight to work. It’s no wonder that our customers choose the YoLong turnkey project service.

Brewery Installtion

Turnkey Breweries for You, the Brewer

YoLong has been designing, fabricating, and installing breweries for over fifteen years. We understand that brewers have a lot on their “to-do” list when undergoing an expansion or new brewery installation. That’s why we offer to do the planning and building of the brewery for you. YoLong have the expertise, knowledge, and most importantly, the budget-consciousness to install and commission your ideal brewery.

When YoLong undertake to build a turnkey project for you, we combine our core engineering systems with world renowned system components from well-known, distinguished companies. Every component is guaranteed with fast, reliable global service.

Description of the YoLong Turnkey Projects

At YoLong, we listen to your requirements and provide a clearly defined interface service that can be completely customized to the clients’ individual needs.

  • Project coordination of third party systems
  • On-site management during installation
  • Classic, innovative brewing technology
  • Support for client’s product choice
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Licensing procedural information

What Should You Look for in a Turnkey Service?

Flexibility: Whatever idea you have for your brewery, we can make it happen. If you want grain storage silos proximal to the grinder to save on transport, or a state of the art automated logistics sector, YoLong have the resources to tailor-make whatever you wish to delegate to us.

One-Stop Service: There is no need for you to jump from one supplier to another when you choose the YoLong turnkey service. Our friendly team handle everything on your behalf under one roof. This allows you to concentrate on the important things such as staff selection, branding, and marketing.

Best Price: YoLong understand that time is money. When you make the decision to get your brewery or expansion done from a single source, you can be sure that we deliver on time and within budget. YoLong’s turnkey breweries can’t be beaten on price and without any compromise on the highest international standard of quality. That’s the YoLong promise.

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