an employee doing after sales service

An Employee Doing After Sales Service

YoLong has always prioritized after sales service. Our aim is to earn customer satisfaction with every sale, no matter how big or small your order. Please don’t worry about communication difficulties if you have an enquiry or need to use our customer or after sales  service – we speak and understand English (although it’s not as perfect as our equipment is!)

YoLong offers you:

  • One year beer brewing equipment warranty (such as leaks, dents, perforations). In these instances we exchange the equipment free of charge.
  • Technical training. According to customer requirements and the equipment they need to learn how to operate. We provide brewing technology training for managers and operators of our brewing equipment. Perfect for brewery interns, students, and trainees.
  • Installation instructions. YoLong can provide you with concise installation instructions for your brewery equipment and setup maintenance and operation (training as required).
  • All customers who have purchased YoLong brewing tanks have access to detailed files related to their equipment. We can also provide procurement consulting services for any spare parts you require at any time.
  • Provide you with an equipment manuals, including (1) Safe equipment operation manual (2) Maintenance (3) Electrical drawings (4) Automatic control manual for your brewing system.
  • Offer you spare parts, fittings, valves, etc. with a discount.

Interested in learning more about Brewing Systems including additional details and pricing information? Please use the form below to contact us!