A Hop Back – also known as a wort grant or hot wort grant – is a device and process used to add degrees of hoppy aroma and flavor to the beer. Adding the essential oils that would otherwise have been lost during the hop boiling process, between the whirlpool and wort cooling, the hop back device allows adequate integration depending on the amount of hop flavor the beer recipe requires.

YoLong Hop Backs are designed to be highly efficient at imparting hop aromatics to beer. Extraction of the hops is simple due to the filter/sieve inside assembly that also facilitates obtaining the exact level of IBU (International Bitterness Units). No serious microbrewery or commercial brewery would be without a hop back.


  • Top removable lid
  • Sanitary CIP capable
  • Removable false bottom for filtering hops
  • Mounted legs with wheels
  • Accessories fittings and valves
  • Inner and outside #4 surface polish
  • Volume range from 20L-500L


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