As YoLong has expanded to become a key supplier in the beer and beverage equipment market, one of our most important sectors has become Wine-Making.

Why Choose YoLong Wine Equipment?

Our highly trained engineering and technical teams have expanded YoLong Wine Making Equipment to include a wide range. We have replacement parts and wine equipment for instant shipping anywhere in the world at better than competitive prices.

Interesting fact: China’s domestic wine production has expanded to nearly 1 billion liters of grape wine per annum. It is home to the second largest area expanse of vineyards in the world. YoLong has perfected wine-making equipment technology and production to become the global best.

YoLong: Clearly Your Best Choice for High-Quality Equipment

Wine Tanks

Wine Tanks

YoLong Brewtech has risen to become a world leader and specialist in the beverage production process, equipment, and accessories supply markets. We have maintained an outstanding reputation for in-depth knowledge on all things wine, beer, and beverage-related for over 15 years.

We know wine-making, from the grape reception in the vats through to the filtration and storage.

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Tanks Specification

YoLong custom fabricate wine fermentation tanks and storage tanks with a wide range of size. We are here support you with best stainless steel wine tanks to meet your needs.

We have Open Top Fermenter and Closed Top Fermenters with below parameters

  • Stainless Steel 304 Construction
  • Inner finish, 2B, Inside Welds, Ground Flush and Polished to #4
  • Outside Finish, #4, Outside Welds, Clean with Heat Stain Removed
  • Dimple Jacket Finish, #4
  • Side Oval Manway With Out-Swing Or Rectangular Manway
  • Thermowells for temperature monitoring.
  • Lifting and anchoring lugs.
  • External sight gauges.
  • Insulated and fully welded stainless steel outer jacket.
  • Sample valves.


Wine Making Equipment for Beginners

Boutique / Small-Scale / Craft Wine Equipment

Advanced and Commercial Wine Equipment


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