At YoLong, we work to fulfil all your beverage, beer, and liquid product needs. We offer mixing tanks – custom-made or standard – in various shapes, sizes, and specifications.

YoLong Mixing Tank

YoLong Mixing Tank

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What is a Mixing Tank Used for?

A mixing tank is an impressive-looking piece of equipment. They are used to blend different components (flavors, textures, viscosities, colors) together. Mixing tanks can be made up of several materials, but the most popular one is stainless steel: hard, durable, strong, and beautiful to look at.

Stainless steel creates a smooth surface for easy cleaning and hygiene, but this material also facilitates durability, strength, and convenience. The mixing tank’s role in manufacturing and production is to blend together large quantities of components. During the mixing process, the different components are refined and blended together into a composite whole.

YoLong mixing tanks are designed to mix and blend liquids. Mixing tanks are a highly desirable piece of equipment to have in the production of beverages, such as juice or milk. Mixing tanks are heavily used in breweries for beer and mash mixing stages.

How Mixing Tanks Work

Also called agitator tanks and stainless steel mixing vessels, mixing tanks are designed to mix liquids and have separate and distinct lines that channel the liquid ingredients to and from the mixing unit. This makes it possible to pipe the components directly into the tank as part of the automation process, and transfer the contents onto the next stage via the pipe alongside or beneath the tank (according to the setup or layout).

CIP Cleaning in Place for Mixing Tanks

The tanks and pipes are easy to clean by stirring and flushing through with cleaning fluids and water. YoLong mixing tanks have polished and smoothed interiors for easy cleaning and zero contamination. Basically, there is nowhere for contaminants to hide.

Knowing that any industry is as successful as the quality of the machinery used to replicate the winning recipe again and again, installing mixing tanks of the very highest quality is essential, and also good business practice. YoLong equipment is manufactured to the best international standard of excellence for safety, quality control, and hygiene. Additionally, every vessel and tank comes with the reassurance of aftersales service and warranty, and are priced competitively with shipping included.

YoLong Custom Mixing Tanks

Customized SS Mixing Tank

Customized SS Mixing Tank

If none of our standard mixing tanks fit your requirements, please contact our team with your specifications. We can help you today with a quote for all your custom equipment needs. Every YoLong mixing unit is precisely designed, fabricated, and tested for high performance and safety. No matter what size, volume capacity, or type of mixing tank you need, YoLong is your reliable partner for product consistency and quality.

Usage Industry

Beverage Industries: Juice & Milk Mixing

  • Stainless Steel 304 or 316 Construction
  • Inner Finish, Mirror Polish
  • External Finish, 2B or #4 finish
  • Agitator, Top Mounted or Bottom Mounted
  • Top Manway

Brewery- Beermix and Mash mixer

  • Stainless Steel 304 Construction
  • Inner Finish, 2B
  • External Finish, 2B or #4 finish
  • Agitator, Top Mounted or Bottom Mounted

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