What is the difference between craft beer and industrial beer?

Craft beer and industrial beer are the regular drinks we drink in our lives. But do you know what difference they make?

Since we want to understand the difference between craft beer and industrial beer, let us first understand what beer is. Beer, which is the third largest drink of human beings after water and tea, and the history of beer is very old, dating back to the Babylonian period more than 6,000 years ago.

In 1516, Germany enacted the beer law, which stipulated that beer can only be brewed with water, malt, hops and yeast. This is also the four basic raw materials for beer that has continued to this day.

What is craft beer?

Craft beer is the earliest beer. The United States is the birthplace of modern craft beer. The winemakers association has also strictly defined the craft beer and has been used for many years.

Craft beer has the following characteristics:

The annual output is no more than 6 million barrels per year.
Less than 25% of the shares of the winery are controlled by non-finished breweries
At least one of the main products, or more than 50% of the sales, no use of accessories to make wine, or the use of accessories to increase flavor rather than reduce flavor. Most of the industrial beer that people drink now will be made by adding rice and starch. This is not really a craft beer.

The above three conditions are also called craft beer. In fact, craft beer is the earliest beer, just because of the invention of industrial beer, this large-scale production of light beer can radiate a larger crowd, so many people mistakenly think that the faint taste of beer bought in the supermarket is beer. The true taste, this is wrong to think.

How is craft beer made?

The production of craft beer requires a long-term process. First, you need to crush the malt, extract the starch inside, and then put the grain mixture into the hot water to convert the starch into sugar. Sugar is the source of alcohol. Put these things in the cooking pot, add the hops next, then add water, cook the hops together with the sugar, and then use the soft yeast to convert the sugar into alcohol.

The reason why craft beer is better to drink is that they use pure malt as a raw material. When we drink craft beer, we can smell full of wheat and bread, not just water.

The difference between craft beer and industrial beer

First, the fermentation location is different

Knowing how the beer is made, we can know some differences between the two, for example, from the fermentation process, because the yeast will float above the brewing liquid during fermentation, and the fermentation position is concentrated at the top. So the vast majority of this layer of fermentation is called craft beer (that is, you often hear Ayr)

Second, the fermentation temperature is different

The fermentation temperature of craft beer is generally controlled between 16-26 °C. Fermenters are usually small. The fermentation temperature of industrial beer is generally controlled between 9-14 ° C, and the fermenter is relatively larger. (Different temperatures are also adjusted due to the different temperatures that the yeast adapts to.)

Maybe everyone thinks that the temperature is different. It seems that there is no difference in beer. In fact, when the yeast undergoes chemical changes, whenever the temperature changes by about 10 degrees, the chemical speed during fermentation will double, and the temperature will decrease. Halve, if the temperature exceeds 40 degrees, most yeast will encounter problems.

However, industrial beer will not encounter this problem. Yeast is fermented from top to bottom. The main fermentation process is completed at the bottom. This kind of production method can have a larger scale, and no one needs to control it at all times. Can achieve large-scale production. Most industrial beer is clarified after it has not been fully fermented, so the production speed can be very fast.

The relatively cold fermentation process of industrial beer inhibits the production of esters, making the taste of beer brewing generally cleaner and smoother.

Third, different yeast for fermentation

The brewing of the brewed beer is Aier yeast, which is a common yeast. It is often used to make bread. It is the most primitive yeast. It can be traced back to the Babylonian period. This yeast is fermented in the whole body of wort. It is first fermented above and adapted to the environment of 16-26 °C. Most of the microorganisms in this environment can work normally, and the yeast metabolism is also optimal, which can produce beer with stronger alcohol content and more flavor.

The industrial beer uses Lager yeast, and the whole is fermented at the bottom. This yeast likes the low temperature environment, but the low temperature environment brings about the slow metabolism, and the yeast can not analyze the maltose, the whole fermentation The ability is relatively weak, the alcohol tolerance is low, so the brewed industrial beer has a lighter taste and lower alcohol content. In addition, industrial beer sometimes uses rice instead of malt. Although rice can provide starch, it lacks the most important flavor.

The above is the difference between craft beer and industrial beer. Nowadays, many people can brew beer by themselves and the taste is great. People bought micro-fine brewing equipment and used their own brewed beer to hold parties. This is a great idea.
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