All the YoLong brewing systems will have a test running in workshop when the brewery tanks are completed, to ensure every detail is perfect, to make sure all the specificaions and configuration is perfect when the system is completed. We aim to offer you with a brewing system which can brew perfect and meet brewer’s requirements.

About workshop running test, we:

  • Tesing brewing process(pipeline)
  • Have control process testing: temperature and pressure test, wort transfer test, valves on/off test…
  • Have simulation of brewing process
  • Offer you with testing photos, videos and report

About the commissioning at the site, we

  • Send our mechanical engineers, electric engineers and brewers to site.
  • Guide and assist the installation of brewing equipment
  • Train and guide the operation of brewing system
  • Guide brewing a batch of beer


YoLong have experienced engineers training the operation of brewery equipment, and YoLong brew laboratory offer you with kinds of brewing skills and beer recipes, our experienced brewers have special knowledge of beer flavors, recipes. YoLong welcome you visit us to learn the brewing equipment and communicate brewing culture.


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