brewing commissioning and training

Brewing Commissioning and Training

YoLong Brewtech run tests after brewery tank production is finalized. We thoroughly check functionality and fabrication of every tank to ensure it performs consistently at the highest level: all the specifications and configurations must be exact before we consider the system complete. Our aim is to offer you a brewing system that brews perfectly every time and meets your requirements.


  • Brewing process (pipeline)
  • Control process testing
  • Temperature and pressure test
  • Wort transfer test
  • Valves on/off
  • Brewing process simulation
  • We can provide you with photos, videos, and certification of our tests

Custom-made orders:

  • We send our mechanical engineers, electric engineers, and brewing technicians to the site
  • Guide and assist you with the installation of brewing equipment and brewery setup
  • Train and guide you in the operation of your new brewing system/equipment
  • Oversee the brewing of first batch of beer/beverages


YoLong’s brew experts offer training workshops. We teach you how to operate the brewery equipment so you can be confident of brewing perfect batches every time.

The famous YoLong brew laboratory provides you with the kind of brewing skills and beer recipes that will set your feet firmly on the path to beer brewing success. Our experienced brewers have special knowledge on beer flavors, recipes, and ingredients. YoLong welcome you to visit us and learn all about your new brewing equipment, brewery system, and setup – and also to communicate brewing culture to our global audience. All beer production is a craft, and we are proud to be ambassadors for this ancient art.

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