Pilot brewing equipment

Pilot Brewing Equipment

YoLong’s Pilot brewing equipment works the same as our large-scale beer equipment, except the pilot brewing equipment only produces a small amount of standard craft beer.

The system allows brewers to conduct small-scale beer try-outs for new beer recipe innovations and test-runs for a larger scale operation.

The reason why pilot brewing is so popular is because if you want to have your own craft brewery or see how well a new beer recipe sells, having a trial-run with pilot brewing equipment is a valid and practical method to see your way forward.

A Pilot Brewing System allows you to change up the productivity of your brewery without interfering with the primary brewery’s objective. As a secondary brewery system, a pilot brewery produces a small beer batch to supplement your flagship brew.

You never know, your pilot brewed beer might even grow to rival the popularity of the flagship beer! That’s the flexibility a pilot brewing system offers the brewer: the chance for new beer recipe experimentation, special or celebration release beers; all without getting in the way of main beer production.


4/5 Vessel Pilot Equipment

If you own and run a large capacity brewery, buying a 4- or 5-vessel pilot brewing setup that can be used the same way as large brewing equipment is the best choice. This means that the dimensions and methodology will be easier to increase at will. Test reports from pilot brewing equipment can be used directly in large brewing systems.

50L 4V pilot brewhouse design

50L 4V pilot brewhouse design


  • Construction: stainless steel 304/316
  • Operation: Fully automatic / manual
  • Layout: Sliding/Separating
  • Capacity: 1hL to 5hL
  • Heating: steam / electrical
  • Custom design
  • Delivery time: approximately 60 days

2/3 Vessel Pilot Brewing Equipment

For medium-volume breweries or bars, you can purchase two or three vessel pilot brewing setup for testing and beer recipe trial-runs.


  • Mash mixer & lauter combination
  • Mash mixer & kettle combination
  • Capacity: 1hL to 3hL
    people checking wine tanks

    people checking wine tanks

Pilot brewing equipment is critical to the successful expansion of future microbrews. YoLong have specialized in manufacturing high-quality, cost-effective pilot brewing equipment for over 15 years. We also promote pilot brewing equipment as part of an essential, successful craft or commercial brewery setup.

YoLong signature pilot brewing equipment for beer recipe testing and brewery expansion trials (expanding to lite beer or specialty beer options) is the way to keep your budget under control while still getting the best results with the highest quality equipment.

Your YoLong Pilot Brewing Equipment will be delivered to you quickly and on time – and don’t forget about our world class after-sales service and warranty.

If you would like to purchase pilot brewing equipment, please contact our friendly team today.



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