Tank Types – Think Brewery Tanks, Think YoLong Brewtech!

Many industries use tanks and vessels for the different stages of the production process. It is for this reason that YoLong offers a wide range of tanks and vessels for our customers’ production lines.

YoLong has been specialized in the design and manufacture of stainless steel tanks since 2004. Our first custom-made stainless steel tanks were mixing tanks and cooling tanks for the milk, beverage production, and brewery sectors.

Pressure Tanks

Pressure Tanks

Every YoLong tank pressure vessel is designed and fabricated according to PED and AS standards. The following stainless steel tanks and pressure fermentation vessels are in stock, and available for shipping today:

  • Mixing Tank
  • Cooling Tank
  • Water Storage Tank
  • Jacked Tank
  • Insulation Tank
  • Process Tank
  • CIP Tank
  • Brewery Tank
  • Cellar Tanks
  • Kettle
  • Pressure Fermenter

If you have specific custom tanks or brew tank vessels you require to be fabricated for the most competitive price and to the highest specifications and standard, please contact our friendly team for more information.

Stainless Steel Tank Finishes

YoLong stainless steel vessels can be worked for many different finishes, such as mirror finish, 2B finish and #4 finish. These are of special importance in brewhouses where the steel tank brewery is on show to the public.

If you prefer to order custom-made vessels with finish of your choice, this can be incorporated with our standard vessel features:

  • All welding grounded for flawless microscopic smoothness
  • Inside Finish, 2B
  • Outside Finish, #4
  • Outside Welds cleaned w/ heat stains removed
  • Inside Welds, removed, polished to #4 Finish

Vessel and Tank Shape Details

  • Bowl Type Fitting
  • Cone Type Fitting

Because YoLong has been producing custom designed and custom manufactured vessels for over 15 years, we have consummate designing and fabrication experience that we use during each stage of the stainless steel tank manufacturing process. We have full confidence that our range of tanks for sale will provide complete customer satisfaction.

YoLong Brewery Uni-tanks

YoLong Brewery Uni-tanks

Lauter Tun: The best lauter tuns have rotating rake arms (between 2 – 6) and central drive unit. The arms have specially designed blades attached with a designated rotation path around the lauter tun. The entire assembly can be either raised or lowered at will. The arms also have a flap attached to push spent grains out of the lauter tun.

The brewer or YoLong automated system, can lower or raise the rake arms according to the opaqueness of the run-off and the compactness of the grain bed. This is gauged by measuring the pressure differences between the grain bed top and bottom. When sparge water needs to be introduced to the lauter tun, spray heads ensure the gentle, even insertion of the sparge water. It’s important that the water system doesn’t beat down upon the grain bed, or form rivets and channels.

If your brewery has a mash/lauter tun combination setup, the rake system isn’t used because the mixing mechanisms are there instead. A rake can be used as the stirring mechanism in its place.

Brew Kettle/Pot/Copper/Boiler:

Range starts from a simple kettle that boils using a burner underneath (sometimes involving wort-scorching, excessive caramelization, and difficult clean-up) through to kettles fired by steam (the favorite choice of most breweries). This is why wort-boiling kettles come equipped with steam jackets.

Kettle steam uses the increased pressure from the external boiler to achieve boiling point quickly. Other boiling methods are used, such as placing the boiling unit on the outside of the kettle ( a Calandria setup), but steam-firing kettles are the most common.

Calandria: A Calandria unit is manufactured as a thin, tall cylinder.  It has many inlet and outlet tubes that provide a larger surface area for the vapor bubbles to form. This creates an optimal volatile mix. The wort is circulated many times every hour through the external boiler, which ensures an even boil and atmospheric pressure.

Some breweries have an internal Calandria that work on the same principles as an external unit, but no pump is needed because it uses convection to propel the wort around (this equipment is difficult to clean).

Fermenters / Unitanks: Used for the whole fermentation process, fermenters and unitanks naturally carbonate the beer after fermentation has occurred. Design includes a minimum of 65° angled cone with optional racking arm. Some fermenters and unitanks have at the bottom of the cone a tri-clover clamp with upward extending tube above the yeast cake. The bottom valve allows complete, easy drainage.

Essential Fermenter/Unitank components:

  • Pressure release valve (safety)
  • Site glass for readings Fittings & Accessories
  • Sample cock
    Customized Pressure Tanks

    Customized Pressure Tanks

Some fermenter and unitank designs come with side or top manway doors and a cone cooling jacket. These vessels are insulated and clad, but it is also possible to control the temperature of a tank with constant temperature room.

Storage Tanks / Storage Vessels: Tanks for storage are usually situated in a cooler section and not typically insulated. A manway is located on the top of the storage vessels, and sometimes on the side (side manway) if the tank is ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) rated 30-psi. A drain can be found at the bottom to facilitate drainage of contents.

Essential Storage Tank Components:

  • Pressure release valve
  • Site glass
  • Sample test cock
  • Side racking arm for yeast cake positioning

Brite / Bright Beer Tank: Brite beer tanks with an ASME rating minimum 30-PSI are used during the beer carbonation process.

Essential Brite Beer Tank Components:

  • Spray ball
  • Sample cock
  • Carbonation stone
  • Pressure gauge
  • Site glass
  • Bottom valve

Grundy Tanks: General use, cost-effective tanks that can be inserted and used at practically any stage of the brewing process.

Cold Liquor Tanks / Hot Liquor Tanks: It’s important a brewery’s hot and cold liquor tanks are correctly sized to support the system. Hot and cold liquor tank integration allows the brewer to recirculate, heat, or deliver contents without leaving the brewhouse platform. Especially effective when supported by semi or fully automated systems that will have liquor tanks at the correct temperature when required.

YoLong has been the premiere tank manufacturer and engineer for over 15 years. If you have a tank enquiry or need more information, please contact our friendly team.

In 2011, YoLong designed and fabricated PED certificated milk storage tanks

In 2018, YoLong designed and fabricated AS1210 certificated fermentation tanks and conditioning tanks.

YoLong is preparing documents to process ASME certificated pressure vessels as clients request.

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