YoLong: Consultation & Design

The YoLong Brewtech consultation and design team is rich with experience – Especially when it comes to the build-up / setup of craft beer breweries and commercial breweries. Commercial breweries rely on us to consult with them on projects they have. This is due to our successfully completed design, fabrication, and installation of turnkey projects in many countries:

  • USA
  • Canada
  • South Korea
  • Singapore
  • Australia
  • UK
  • Sweden
  • New Zealand
  • France

– And those are just some of the countries where brew masters and dedicated craft beer specialists depended on us to install a state of the art brewery setup or expansion for them (and for all of their happy customers).

small scale experimental beer machine

YoLong Brewpub Design

microbrewery house

Micobrewery Brewhouse

When you reach out to YoLong for your craft brewery equipment and construction needs, our professional engineering and design team will offer you a dedicated brewery consultation. Every member of our team has long-term experience in building and developing microbreweries specific to each individual requirement.

Here are some of the consultation and design services we offer and provide for our prospective customers:

  • A site layout, brewhouse design, and the projected brewing volume of brewpub setup.
  • The most practical choice of brewery equipment based on your projected beer volume and budget (estimated beer sales volume per day/week/month/year).
  • High cost performance system configuration (an engineering process used to establish and maintain product performance, function, attributes, requirements, and design), done according to your equipment budget.
  • Designing an accurate and reasonable CAD layout, according to the size of your site.
  • 3D brewing system design that accurately depicts every brewing work position in accordance with the optimization of space, height, and area.
  • Reasonable and cost efficient distribution of water, electrical power, steam, and gas according to your energy requirements or preferences (solar power, micro turbines).
  • Custom designs and additions according to your own personal ideas and input.
yolong 4v auto brewhouse design

YoLong 4V Auto Brewhouse Design

yolong cellar system design

YoLong Cellar System Design

We invite you to visit us! There is nothing so nice as to sit down with someone face to face and discuss the vision we both have for your craft brewery. Would you like to expand your site with a cold brew coffee facility? Is your site of special historical significance? We  welcome you to visit us and chat about your brewing requirements. We have our own craft beer laboratory, which is a fascinating place to visit because we deal with some cutting-edge technologies and developments in there. You are most welcome to check out our brewing system design, interface design, and auto control design centers. This where we brainstorm and experiment with how to make the brewing process more streamlined and energy efficient. We also offer you a FREE brewery equipment instruction course and personal brewing lessons using the equipment that you have ordered. Please let us know if you need help organizing accommodation or transport to our facilities.


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