Home Brewing Equipment

A homebrew setup allows you to brew your own beer at home. YoLong has the best home brewing equipment for sale, and we can provide you with everything you need to brew beer on your own property successfully. Two factors determine any decision to brew your own beer at home: reasonable price for durable, high-quality equipment and easy operation – this is what YoLong specializes in. Once you have those two things in hand, in are ready to set to work formulating a delicious beverage recipe.

Brewing equipment isn’t only for producing beer: Many domestic winemakers buy their home brewing supplies from YoLong. If you require a setup to make wine or beer at home for the first time, we will provide you with a complete home brewing system – easy to learn how to use and cost effective. For experienced home winemakers, we can provide you with a completely customized home brewing equipment setup sufficient for your current wine making needs. YoLong has been producing reliable, easily-operated homebrew beer kits for amateur, novice, and experienced homebrewers for over 15 years. Our equipment supplies include:

  • ½ barrel
  • MLT (mash and lauter tank), HLT (hot liquor tank), KWT (kettle and whirlpool tank)
  • Electric heating
  • Manual
  • Sliding type
  • Fermenter (fermenter is typically a jacketed container or a single walled container – YoLong has a pocket jacket with a capacity of 30L to 100L for home brewing).

Our Home Brewing Equipment Can Be Used to Make

  • Family brewery / shop
  • Beer making as a hobby
  • Home brewing system to experiment with best beer recipe formulation
  • Small brewing specialty
  • Beer on tap for special occasions and gatherings
  • Fruit-based and herb-based wines
  • Brewing your own beer, wine, cider, mead, kombucha, vinegars (according to the legal home brewing statutes of your residential country).

YoLong develops and designs professional-grade home brewery equipment for a wide range of wine and beer makers based at home. If you need a home brewing equipment setup, or advice as to costs and how to get started, please contact our friendly team with any request. Our ordering process is simple, fast, and efficient:

  1. Tell us your concept via email or send us your hand drafted setup.
  2. We are happy to discuss with you how best to achieve your idea.
  3. We formulate a quote for you.
  4. If you are satisfied with the quote, YoLong will process your payment (delivery charges inclusive).
  5. The YoLong team create a drawing of the requested setup.
  6. Equipment fabrication commences.
  7. Tests are run to check equipment operation.
  8. An operation “How-to” video is filmed.
  9. Equipment is packed securely and shipped for delivery.
  10. Home brewing begins!

Why Customers Around the World are Choosing YoLong

We provide you with the best service as well as ensuring every piece of equipment reaches our outstanding level of quality.

With your first order, we welcome you to YoLong’s ever-expanding group of happy home brewers. Our team will always be at hand to answer any further questions or help you with troubleshooting if you have any problems setting up at home.



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