Beer History in a Nutshell

Beer is one of the oldest drinks in the world. According to the existing literature, the origin of beer can be traced back to 9000 years ago, and it first appeared in ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. In addition, the beer brewing process and related regulations have been recorded in the Hammurabi Code of Cuban Babylon in the 18th century BC. Some people have carried out archaeological work on ancient Egypt and found that the construction of the pyramid has a close relationship with beer. According to historical records, beer consumption at that time was very common. Later, the daughter of the famous Egyptian astronomer Ptolemy proposed beer taxation, then use the beer tax to build the pyramid, thus the birth of the world’s first beer tax. So what is the most memorable historical moment in the history of beer? Read here nine facts that cannot be ignored!


The Promulgate of the German Beer Pure Brewing Act

Time: 1516 AD
In 1516, the Grand Duke of William IV of Duchy of Bavaria enacted the German Beer Pure Brewing Act, English name Reinheitsgebot; the original intention of the decree was to regulate the price of beer. In addition, according to the regulations at the time, only four raw materials such as malt, hops, water and yeast were allowed for beer brewing, which coincided with the concept of modern craft beer.

Hops from the Netherlands to the UK

Time: 1524
Elizabeth Tudor, the most famous queen in British history, turned Britain into a world power and created the “golden age” in British history. Hops were introduced to the UK by the Netherlands in 1524. What is favored by Elizabeth is the “Ale Beer” made after adding hops.

The emergence of abbey beer

Time: 1664
In 1664, the French La Trappe Abbey relaxed the precepts of the monks’ practice, allowing beer to be used instead of food on fasting days (how lovely), but the beer must be hand-made by the monks in the monastery and must not be purchased from outside. This rule was then spread throughout Europe, and many monasteries followed La Trappe to start brewing beer. Not long after, the reputation of the Abbey beer has been popular in Europe and the world.

Beer revolution

Time: 1839
In 1839, residents of the Bavarian town of Pilsen (now in the Czech Republic) were unable to tolerate the status quo of the bleak, muddy and poor-smelling beer, so they raised crowdfunding to create a craft brewery belonging to the residents themselves. It is known as the “Citizen Craft Factory”. It is reported that the new winery adopts the advanced lower layer fermentation method from Bavaria, Germany, which greatly improves the clarity and flavor of the beer and prolongs the beer preservation period.

First craft beer movement

Time: 1842
The first barrel of Pilsner beer was born in 1842, and the Pilsner brewed by the lager beer fermentation method caused a sensation. With the advent of the railway and industrial era, this Pilsner and Pearson brewing method has been rapidly and widely spread throughout Central Europe. This process precisely meets the requirements of industrial brewing. This time, the “craft brewing movement” denied the traditional brewing method.

European CAMRA was established

Time: 1971
With the changes of the times, people began to get tired of the same industrial Lager, and began to miss the traditional Ale, which has a variety of flavors and rich taste. So the so-called European craftsmanship pioneer raised the nostalgic banner. In 1971, CAMRA, the Campaign for Real Ale, was launched. They launched a campaign called ‘Real Ale’ and used it to promote unpasteurized, traditional, stress-free beer. This is the beginning of the second brewing movement, which also means the full recovery of traditional beer.

American hops are born

Time: 1972
It took only 40 years for American hops to complete the historical transcendence of European hop status and form its own unique hop style, which can dominate the development of the world hops. In 1972, when the first American hop variety came out, the United States created its own unique hop style, especially when the Cascade was listed as the first American hop variety issued by the US Department of Agriculture.

American Craft Beer Movement

Time: 1975
Close to the time of the craftsmanship launched by the Campaign for ‘Real Ale’, the United States has also launched its own craft beer campaign. In 1975, the founder of Anchor Brewing Co., (located in San Francisco, California) acquired a strong Pale Ale formula after visiting Europe, but because of the taste of American malt and continental malt have significant differences, brewing British beer cannot be achieved on the American continent!
Anjia Brewery has made unremitting efforts to create the first truly American craft beer, Anchor Liberty Ale, which defines and shapes the American craft beer movement to some extent.

The emergence of dry hops

Time: 1977
Liberty Ale, made by Anchor Brewing, made the biggest contribution to the American craft beer industry by introducing the concept and technology of Dry Hops. This technology fully highlights the advantages of American hops. In 1977, the famous beer master Michael Jackson (Not the king of pop music) in his first beer book, The World Guide To Beer, mentioned Anchor Liberty Ale. Michael Jackson called it the first bottle of modern beer in the United States. At the same time, this beer became the originator of American Indian Aimee (American IPA).

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