One of our client wants to expand their grain mill capacity but they have a limit of space inside the brewery.So what they are looking for is a method to build a new milling room but do not need to build another brewery room with high cost. If you want to learn more about Brewhouse designs, click microbrewery-equipment-brewing-system design!

What YoLong suggests is a small grain room in a sea container. The process would be Silo ->Flex Auger-> Mill -> Grist case -> Mash tun

The basic design configuration

  • First lift auger that will transfer grain into the top of the mill
    • In case the brewer wants to add grain manually
  • A grain mill with a small hopper
    • Receive grain from the first lift auger.
    • The gap between two mill rollers is adjustable
  • Second auger between thegrain mill and the grist case.
    • Transfer the milled grain into the grist case
  • Stainless steel round Grist C
    • 2,000L minimumvolume
    • flex auger discharge flange at the bottom.
    • threads for load Cells to be installed

What needs to be considered in the design

  • Space is limited in the 20HC container.
  • Dust needs to get controlled in the room
  • The brewer also needs space for manual operation
  • The angle of the lift auger can not be over 45 degrees

YoLong’s engineer team uses their knowledge and experience to make the system works well.

After considering the client’s requirement, we provide a design like below. Grains can be transferred from auger to mill then auger to grist case. Finally will be delivered into the client’s mash tun.

Use stainless steel material and make sure the system have good quality.

Grain Mill Room
Grain Mill Room

Design Details to make using experience better

  • Removable top lids on lift auger and grain mill for convenient cleaning and grain adding
  • Stainless steel protecting mesh below the lids.Prevent any harm to the operator
  • Tri-clamp connect port for dust sock on the top of the lids
  • Bottom load cells on grist case,let the brewer read the weight of the milled grain.
  • Moveable wheels on lift auger for site adjustment.

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