Why does wort have to be boiled for 60 minutes?


Wort is an unfermented beer. And due to the low fermentation process, nobody would want to drink this beer and wort simply tastes bad and light. So now you imagine a beer with no carbonation, bite, and clarity. Wort is known to be a ‘beer starter’. It consists of extracts of malt, which is from the grain mash, and water. Brewers take these elements and components of wort to an improved level by adding different flavors and using a different kind of hops. Then the entire process of wort needs to meet a steady boil for almost an hour for a hot breakpoint.

Why is the cooling process necessary?

Whirlfloc is used which is a nifty little ingredient. This ingredient is used right after the hot breakpoint when it is assured what the proteins gathered visibly in the wort will not add or change the flavors of the wort further. Therefore, the whirlfloc is used to clarify the beer at this process. Then the wort is set to be cooled and then the yeast is added. Yeast then ferments the liquid wort into beer. Cooling is necessary not because it kills the yeast but because it ensures a proper fermented beer with a better taste. That is why wort is processed carefully because if the wort is good then the finished product (beer) will turn out to be perfect.

Reasons for boiling wort for 60 minutes:

It is better to boil wort more to get a perfect beer. The more the wort is boiled the better will be the taste of the beer. That is why wort is boiled for 60 minutes and sometimes more to get the best final product. The reasons for boiling wort for 60 minutes are as follows:

  1. Kills Microbes:

Most of the microbes are killed in low heat for almost one hour. These microbes are present in the wort and when the wort is boiled for almost 60 minutes all the bacteria and microbes are killed.

  1. Alpha Acids are Isomerized:

Hops lose their bitterness when they are heated. Therefore, the wort has to be boiled for almost an hour at a low temperature to limit the bitterness and maintain the taste. Now the hops are added in the end so that too much boiling also does not make the taste bitterer.

  1. Evaporation is needed:

Evaporation of water increases the gravity of the beer. The beer is made hard and strong without the evaporation process. The more strong beer will make a strong and better taste.

  1. Changing of flavor due to Maillard Reactions:

When the wort is heated at high temperatures, it changes the taste of the wort. The maybe made either more bitter or strong. This improvement of taste for beer is dependent on how high the heating flame is

  1. Volatile Chemicals are Driven-off:

DMS is generated by heating the wort. If you are boiling the wort vigorously on high heat, it will evaporate. Therefore this is a great concern for the pale match that is pilsner malt. Due to this, some recommend to boil it for 90 minutes.


It is very important to boil the wort for almost an hour. Beers offers more than just a fun drinking experience. You feel the taste and ambience as well. It is very important for brewers to carefully boil the wort for around 60 minutes if they want to enjoy a perfect brewing experience. Boiling wort for an hour not only improves the taste of the end result but it also helps in killing harmful bacteria from the mixture. It should also be noted that if you boil it for less than 60 minutes then these bacteria might not be killed and if you boil it for than 60 minutes then this might kill the important nutrients from the beverage as well. Hence if you want to enjoy an optimum brewing experience with full nutrients in effect then it is crucial to boil the wort for at least one hour.