10HL 2 Vessels Electric Brewery System



The 10HL 2 vessels Electric heating small brewery equipment is the Site-Size & Budget-Friendly Custom Designed Equipment.

This brewing system also has customized beer solutions, reliable quality and delivery time, professional project manager and engineer technical support. Perfect and active after-sale service, Good user reputation.

  • We worked with more than 200+ breweries all world and especially experienced on high-automation fully customized commercial brewery system scope.
    We serve every client with design and quality far superior to peers on brewery equipment.
    Free consultant and design. we are top Quality Micro Brewery Equipment Manufacturer!

The standard brewery configuration and optional equipment options provide customers with a very large budget space for development.


  • 1 x Mash/lauter tun vessel with raking system and side grain out door
  • 1 x Brew kettle / whirlpool vessel with immerse heating element and side stacked vapor condenser
  • 1 x DOUBLE brew length hot liquor tank with immerse heating element
  • 1 x SS SKID-TYPE work platform with sanitary process piping & sanitary valves&pumps& phx ALL ASSEMBLED ON SKID.
  • 2 x Sanitary wort pumps with variable speed control
  • 1 x SS HLT pump with variable speed control
  • 1 x Wort grant
  • 1 x Two-stage sanitary heat exchanger and wort aeration system
  • 1 x Water flow meterwith additional panel
  • 1 x CEListed, control panel (Temperature Controller)
  • 2 x Tank light assemblies
  • 1 x Mash hydration assembly
  • 4 x Fermenters/uni-tanks – Single Or Doublebrew length
  • 1 x Brite beer tank –Single Or Doublebrew length
  • 1 x Glycol chiller
  • 1 x DOUBLE brew length glycol tank
  • 1 x SS Glycolpump with variable speed control
  • 1 x Cellar control panel with RTD & solenoid valves(Temperature Controller)
  • 1 x Portable sanitary CIP/wort pump, SS cart & VFD controller
  • 1 x spare parts& transferhoses package
  • 1 x CAD &3D drawings, installation assistance, assembly, training


  • Steam heating or Direct-fire heating
  • Three-Vessel Type
  • PLC+HMI with automatic valves
  • Cold liquor tankand CLT pump with variable speed control
  • 1 x SS grist hopper
  • 1 x Flex auger
  • 1 x Two roll malt mill
  • 1 x Twin-heads keg washer
  • 1 x Manual keg filler
  • 1 x Bottle filling& capping machine
  • AS/PED certification
  • UL/CUL certification

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