YoLong hold a brewery equipment activity

We have hold a brewery equipment introduction and a table tennis match in our brew house. YoLong brewhouse is a place for integration of entertainment and office And contain a 200L microbrewery system.Which includes a skid type Brewhouse ,three Uni- Tanks and a Cold Liquor Tank.Suit for home brew and pub demands.We can take conference and brew beer.

Sixteen player took part in this activity and half of them will be promoted in every series match.By three series knockout stage .Felix Fang been the first session table tennis champion.

Afternoon, each of us introduced this microbrewery system and the beer brewing process to the visitors.

Holding a brewery equipment introduction in our brew house are not just for us to get exercise and understand the brewery equipment .The important points are making us to learn how to compete & cooperate,and some invisible benefits.

Welcome everyone to visit our factory.


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