BrauBeviale 2018, We are coming!

YoLong will participate in BrauBevial e 2018, The exhibition will be held from 13th to 15th in November on booth 9-233 at the exhibition centre Nuremberg , Germany. We have designed a 400L Brewhouse for the exhibition, three vessels, mash&kettle vessel, lauter tun and whirlpool vessel. All the vessels will be mounted on a skid for the convenience of transportation. Temperature automatic control for every tank with PLC & Touch Screen. If you are interested in this brewery system, please feel free to contact us.

400L Brewhouse function introduction

  • Tank Lights ON/OFF
  • Wort Pump ON/OFF
  • Anti-idle for Wort Pump
  • The water temperature and flow auto control for mashing
  • The temperature auto control for MK Tun
  • Anti-overflow for MK Tun
  • VFD control for wort pump (variable speed drivemanual)
  • VFD control for rake speed (variable speed drivemanual)
  • Motor for rake ON/OFF(manual)
  • Motor for agitatorON/OFF(manual)
  • Rake positive&negative rotary(manual)
  • One emergency stop button on the main cabinet
  • One emergency stop button on the platform
  • Wort transfer control on the screen
  • All temperature sensors digitally displayed on the brewhouse control panel

We plan to sell it locally or in the neighboring countries with a very favorable price, so welcome to visit our brewery system in the BrauBeviale 2018 and purchase it if you like! It’s really a rare opportunity!

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