2hl Pilot brewery system

The 2hL pilot brewery system include 2hL mash/lauter tun, 2hL kettle/whirlpool tank, 4hL hot liquor tank, three 2hL fermenters, steam generator, chiller, 50L CIP skid, etc. So how to complete installation within just five hours? The following processes can help us make it successfully!

The early design work plays an important role in this process. We had completed the 3D model of whole brewery system according to the room layout and client’s requirements before the manufacture. All the installation work can take it as a reference.

Skid Brewhouse is a completed brewhouse. All parts for brewhouse ( Except malt mill and malt transfer device) are welded on a stainless steel base skid with bottom wheels, so you can move it conveniently and smoothly. Piping is complete with all required fittings, shapes, manual butterfly valves and supports. The mash/wort piping is finished installation on skid brewhouse frame before delivery.

Skid Fermenteration tanks is a completed fermenters. All parts for fermenters are installed and glycol piping, valves are connected on a stainless steel base skid.

The CIP system includes two 50L cleaning tank, stainless steel material, two tanks with a pump and control panel set on a stainless steel cleaning car.

YoLong will test the program and all functions before equipment. The customer can use it directly without adjustment.

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