More Fermentation Tanks Are Ready To Go

Our customer’s brewery equipment has been completed and is waiting for delivery. All welding is done under heavy protection gear. Inside ground, outside ground and cooling jackets welded. We hold CE, PED and AS1210 certifications for fermentation tank and can meet nearly any government requirements in different countries.

Dished Top Head

  • One  CIP Spray Ball, 1.5″ Tri-Calmp Connection
  • One Pressure Vacuum Relief Valve, 2″ Tri-Clamp Connection
  • One Hops Adding Hole, 4″ Tri-Calmp Connection


  • One Shadowless Manway
  • One  Temperature Sensor, Tri-clamp Connection
  • One Teflon Level Gauge, Tri-Clamp Connection
  • One Sample Valve, Tri-Clamp Connection
  • One Pressure Gauge & Pressure Regulation Valve assembly on the side CIP arms, Tri-Clamp Connection
  • Cooling Jacketed

Cone Bottom Head

  • One Drain Discharge
  • 75mm PU Insulation
  • Mounted on Four Cylindrical Legs

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