What Are The Benefits of Craft Beer?

Beer is, above all, a refreshing, thirst quenching, relaxing drink that you can drink nearly any way you want it. However, the difference between industrial beer and craft beer is just like the difference between living and enjoying life (you know what we mean). Living is simply not the same as enjoying life. Tasting a good craft beer doesn’t mean you have to be a winemaker or artist, but it does mean you have to love life and have a little taste.

How to taste a craft beer? Very easy –  Use your throat to fully feel the strength of the beer.  Don’t drink too much alcohol when tasting – You’ll be ruing the experience. Have a nice wine burp (enjoy the aftertaste). And lastly, never waste food and don’t pack your unfinished beer – You brought it, you finish it.

Craft beer is very diverse. The liquor ranges from light gold to dark color, the foam from white to brown, the aroma from fruit to baking, and the taste is sour, sweet, bitter, salty and fresh, which requires us to take some time to appreciate.

Try not binge drinking. According to different beer makers, to prepare the beer in a proper way you need a thick glass, and slowly pour the beer in, to maintain the bubbles and the concentrated aroma.

The first thing to consider is the beer color. We can generally judge some classic styles of beer through the color, such as dark world wave, red-brown bork, pale gold Pearson and so on. However, it does not mean that the depth of color is necessarily related to the structural strength and flavor concentration of beer.

The second is the luster, if the body is completely clear, then the beer has no yeast, probably through pasteurization; Craft beer often contains yeast and has a fine sediment.

The third is foam. The more delicate and lasting the foam is, the more it can preserve the flavor of beer. We really appreciate over here the thick and amber color of pure ancient Qing dynasty (the last dynasty of China) original pulp beer.

Finally, view the foaming – Foaming brings out the aroma of beer. The smaller the bubbles, the longer it lasts, which means it can release the aroma more persistently.

After enjoying the color and look now it is the nose’s turn. The ancients said that “Wine is not afraid of deep alley”. Beer is of course the same, outstanding smell is also an important indicator of good beer.

Temperature directly affects the aroma performance of the beer. Temperature should not be too low – Around 42 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit (5 to 13 degrees). Some beers like Old Ales need to be only lightly chilled (closer to room temperature).

Beautiful breath lets a person find the scenery pleasing to the eye, such flavour may be the malt that the source smokes bake, or the hops that put, or the spice that adds when brewing, distinguish carefully through such fragrance, can understand the good and bitter intention of winemaker.Red fruits, citrus flavor, herb flavor, spice flavor, honey flavor, smoke incense, bakery flavor and so on.

Of course, the most important experience comes from the mouth. Whether the beer tastes good or not is mainly decided by the mouth, and the mouth experience is not only the taste, but also the ending rhyme and aftertaste. The palate refers to the strength of the wine, whether it is full and round or light in structure, whether it has strong alcohol burning or strong swelling to bring sharp killing taste.

What are the benefits of craft beer?

1. Helps intestines and stomach digest. Craft beer is low in alcohol content compared to other alcoholic beverages, with only 2 to 7.5 percent. The main ingredients of beer are germinated barley, ethanol, hops, polyphenols and water. Among them, the protein contained in barley can be decomposed by catalytic action to produce 17 kinds of nutrients, and eight of them are essential substances that cannot be synthesized by human body. So beer has a healthy carbohydrate to protein ratio of 15:1.

2. Good for bone and joint health. In recent years many food science studies have found that beer is a rich source of silicon (not to confuse with Silicone!) in the diet. Half of the silicon in beer, which is in the form of soluble silicic acid (OSA), can be effectively absorbed by the body. Silicon plays a key role in the growth of bone and joint connective tissue. According to the national institutes of health (NHI), dietary silicon not only improves bone density, but if consumed in moderation (on average 300 milliliters per day for women) may help fight joint pain and osteoporosis. But be careful, if you drink too much it can cause bone loss!

3. Protects against stroke and cardiovascular diseases. Recent research published in Nutrition shows that drinking beer, especially darker ones, has considerable benefits on cardiovascular health. Drinking beer in moderation not only regulates blood vessel tone, but also reduces the risk of heart attack, stroke and myocardial infarction by up to 45 percent, the study said. The researchers found that the combination of ethanol and antioxidants in beer were the key to making it a healthy drink.

4. Helps to wake up and relieve tension. Drink in moderation to relieve tension, relax your muscles, and allow you to smile and face your daily challenges again. So cheer yourself up next time you get blue with a nice beer.

5. It’s great for your blood and protect eye health. Raw beer is rich in vitamin B group, including vitamin B12 and vitamin B2 (riboflavin). Vitamin B12 is commonly found in meat and promotes the production of red blood cells. Having adequate levels B12 is an effective way to combat and prevent anemia, which women are prone to have. Darker beers contain rich vitamins B1 and B2, and can help retinal and cornea metabolize normally, clear free radicals and have quite remarkable effect on the protection of eyesight!

Craft beer is also great for your face skin.

Use it to wash your face. Kidding you not. The enzyme in craft beer is very good for your skin. It will dissolve the dead skin cells. After washing the beer from your face you can apply your usual cream no problem at all.

Use the beer as facial mask. The alcohol in craft beer can promote blood circulation, nourish skin and promote metabolism. Hops in beer is a kind of coolant, have the effect that prevents whelks and help to make your skin more elastic. Try to do this once or twice a week. Enjoy!

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