We finished a delivery of eight 5hL Unitanks today. Awesome feeling.

The client wanted to add eight 500L Unitanks for his brewery. Once we finished the initial drawing of his work station, we found out from one of the pictures he sent us that the fermenter we draw was taller and slimmer than the fermenters shown in the picture!  Therefore we had to go back to our drawing table and re design it.
We love working alongside our clients to provide the best solutions. Of course our client was happy as well to see our eye for details and our effort to provide the most suitable brewing equipment.

beer production equipment
microbrewery machine
5 BBL Brite Tank with Wheels

Also, we installed a spiral device on the sample valve to reduce beer foam when pouring the beer into a cup.

The Butterfly valves with Union connection make the vessel look pretty nice 🙂

Every engineer in YoLong has experience in brewing. This is very important to us when we design projects to be convenient to operate and cost-effective.

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