YoLong Beverage Tank Build up and Delivery

YoLong has the best beverage equipment technology, and many customers order our beverage equipment.

Yesterday, all the beverage equipment for a famous domestic beverage manufacturer was finished.The successful completion of this beverage equipment has proved once again the design, production and service ability of our factory.

The shape of the tank is different, the customer’s requirements are strictly ,both of these constantly testing us.It is our constant pursuit to do the best we can. With this spirit we guarantee product quality, we keep improving our skills, making technological innovation and meeting the positioning requirements of high-end products.We pay great attention to every detail of the beverage tanks, the workers has put a lot of effort into every weld, every pipes.At last, the perfect vessel shown to us.

When everything is ready, we load the beverage equipment on the car.Transportation is also need pay attention, how to deliver goods to customers in good condition?The answer is that details determine the results.According to the shape of the tank to make a special shape of the bracket, the product firmly fixed.At the same time, pay attention to adding a rubber buffer between the bracket and the tank to prevent abrasion.The bottom of the bracket is firmly welded to the frame by the welder after loading, avoiding any displacement between the beverage equipment and the vehicle.No shaking will occur if the rope is attached.

The delivery process was very smooth. Through our joint efforts, several trucks went out from the gate of the factory in turn.In the near future, these beverage equipment will serve the factory.We will also provide after-sales services to customers in all aspects.

We are beverage equipment supplier,If you have any questions or needs, please feel free to contact us. Welcome to vist: https://yolongbrewtech.com


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