YoLong Beverage Tank Build up and Delivery

YoLong probably has the best beverage equipment technology in the market as we invested heavily in research and production, and our customers can testify on the quality of our products.

Yesterday, the beverage equipment for a famous domestic beverage manufacturer was done. The successful completion of the beverage equipment project has proved once again the design, production time, service and confidence in our factory.

The shape of the tanks are different, as the customer’s requirements were strict about it. And it is our constant pursuit to do the best we can. With this spirit in heart we guarantee product quality, we keep improving our skills, making technological innovations and meeting the positioning requirements of high-end manufacturer. We pay great attention to every detail of the beverage tanks, and the workers has put a lot of effort into every weld and every pipe.

When everything was ready, we loaded the beverage equipment on the truck. Transportation is also critical process where many things can go wrong-  How to deliver goods to customers in the best way? How to make sure nothing will get damaged? According to the shape of the tank you need to create a special bracket in a similar way, to make sure the product is firmly fixed. Also, you need to add a rubber buffer between the bracket and the tank to prevent abrasion. The bottom of the bracket is firmly welded to the frame by the welder after loading the tanks, avoiding any displacement between the beverage equipment and the vehicle. No shaking allowed, and an extra rope is attached as well as a last measure of safety.

The delivery process took some time, but eventually was very smooth. Through our joint efforts, several trucks went out from the gate of the factory in turns. In the near future, those tanks will serve the need of millions of people for a good beer. And we are happy to do our part to achieve that.

If you have any questions regarding shipping beverage equipment, tanks and brewpubs feel free to contact us. We’d also love to show you our catalog in case you’ll be interested. And we provide after-sales services too!

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