What’s the difference between APA and IPA? (APA vs IPA)

*Last update: 22 February 2022 BY YoLng Brewtech

If you love the bitterness of beer, the aroma of your beer, and the freshness it brings to you, the Pale Ale family must be your best bet. Have you ever seriously thought about what “pale” means in “pale al” ? Or is it different from India Pale Ale?

You might wonder if you could simply use the color of beer to distinguish between Pale Ale or India Pale Ale, because Pale Ale is indeed mostly “Pale”, and most of the double Indian Pale Ale, with its strong bouquet, is actually darker. But the color of beer can only serve as a reference, and even the same beer can have different colors.

Pale Ale

As for why Pale Ale is called, it’s actually because it USES a lighter roast malt. In a typical pale ale, malt and hops are well balanced. Simply put, the sweetness of malt and the bitterness of hops are well combined. And pale ale’s hops, though clearly expressed, can be very mild.

English India Pale Ale (IPA)

The IPA was originally made with a large number of hops, designed to ensure that beer does not rot quickly on long voyages from England to India, because the hops are so preservative that they keep the beer fresh. IPA used to be, and still is, British hops (not necessarily now), and tends to reflect the aroma of soil, wood and spices.

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American India Pale Ale (American IPA)

Today in the UK, winemakers are still brewing the traditional IPA, while American winemakers have incorporated their own unique ideas into the IPA, and the American IPA has changed. The American IPA tends to reflect a more intense and exciting bouquet. In the balance between malt and hops, American winemakers are more willing to highlight the bouquet. The typical American IPA is characterized by the aroma of resin, tropical fruit and grapefruit.

American Double IPA

The American double IPA, also known as the American Imperial IPA, is a unique American style that seeks to add more wine and flowers. Double IPA is produced in twice or even three times the amount of IPA, and more malt is added to balance the bitterness. The result is a stronger bouquet of hops and a higher alcohol content due to increased malt use.

English Pale Ale

English Pale Ale can be traced back to the town of burton on the river trent, which is rich in hard water. Hard water can make the body clear and make the hops more bitter. British pastel colours can range from gold to brownish red and are usually quite blistering. Usually you can taste the aroma and taste of fruit, hops, soil, butter and malt when you taste the British pale ale. Most of the materials used to make a typical British pale al come from the UK.

American Pale Ale (APA)

Originating from English Pale Ale, APA is now popular with beer lovers around the world, brewed with native American or imported materials. The product features a strong regional character. In general, APA tries to balance malt and hops. The fatty and creamy flavors of fruit and diacetyl in APA can range from zero to medium, and hops can range from light floral aromas to intense spicy aromas.

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When you taste your favorite beer, know that brewers are always testing new hop varieties and brewing methods.

Next year’s Indian Pale Ales and American Pale Ales may not be comparable to this year’s, as brewers continue to explore and experiment with new hop varieties and interesting ingredients.

Of course, many beer lovers enjoy brewing because they love beer. That’s why the beer brewing community is able to thrive today. As a result, many home-brewing enthusiasts and small beer bars have been developed. If you’re thinking about how to suggest a brewery/brewpub, you can find out more details about brewing through us.

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