Raw Materials for Brewing Beer – Malt

Malt is the main raw material for beer brewing. The composition and quality of malt directly affect the flavor and quality of beer ,so that malt is called “the skeleton of beer”.

Malt is mainly made of barley, it is not strict with soil and climatic conditions, and it is widely distributed all over the world. Barley is easy to germinate, the enzyme system is relatively complete, and the brewed beer has a unique flavor. The biochemical and morphological characteristics of barley grains are more suitable for brewing of beer than wheat and other grains; the price of barley is also lower, and the production process can save 70% of water; in addition, barley matures much faster than other grains, so barley is selected as the main raw material for beer brewing.

Those days, the variety of beer is becoming more diverse, and many products have a special position in the market with their unique foam, color, aroma, taste and fullness. Malt is widely used in beer brewing, the advantages of malt as a raw material for brewing beer are:

  1. The enzyme activity is good, the α-N content is high, and the amount of the enzyme preparation can be reduced during brewhouse.
  2. The high content of anhydrous extracts can increase the yield of brewhouse wort and reduce the cost of beer sugar consumption.
  3. The brewed beer has a long-lasting foam and a strong mellow feeling.

In addition, in the production of different craft beers, special malt, such as coke malt and black malt, is added to highlight the typical characteristics of the product, which are called special malt. Special malt can give beer a special quality, affecting the beer production process, color and aroma and its stability.

Good malt requires good brewing equipment to ferment. YoLong is your best choice. We can supply a variety of brewing equipment. If you want to experiment with brewing, welcome to purchase our pilot brewing equipment.



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