What you need to know about the Clean-In-Place (CIP) System

YoLong CIP Station is designed to clean brewery equipment, tanks and piping in breweries, wineries, distilleries, dairies, and other beverage and food facilities. At YoLong, we install the CIP station with two key elements -The Clean-In-Place (CIP) System Skid and Valve Matrix. Let us introduce you to the main components of the system:

  1. CIP Skid

The tanks and the platform are mounted as one skid. It contains the following equipment:

– Tanks with instrumentation

– Circulation circuit

– Chemical inlet valves

– Manual drain valve

– The vessels and platform have adjustable feet

Materials of Construction – Sanitary Piping

– 316SS tubing and fitting, polished ID/OD

– Tri-Clamp or Union Type Fittings

  1. Valve Matrix

A valve matrix is made where the valves, instruments and piping for the following equipment is mounted:

– Water supply

– CIP turn and return line

– Supply pumps

– Heat exchangers

– The skid shall have adjustable feet.

  1. Control Programming

Controls programming (PLC and HMI) for the CIP Skid to perform routing of the CIP solutions. The system is based on a configurable design allowing for a customized cleaning process to be set up by the operator. Configuration screen will allow the operator to specifically setup a cleaning sequence based on tank operation time, temperature, and concentration of solutions.

The programming of the automatic and manual operating capabilities into the CIP System is part of our installation. The automatic system will be controlled via designated CIP circuits to be selected by system operators with system safety interlocks. The manual operation of the system will allow for singular valve pulsing, direct pump control with ON/OFF and speed modifications capabilities.

Want to know more about the CIP system and process? Contact our friendly support or sales rep and they would love to help you.