The Art of Brewery with Copper Vessels

In most of the brewery equipment,the material of the brew tanks like brewhouse,fermentation tanks or brite beer tanks are alway stainless steel 304.It’s fairly enough for some big industrial brewery project.And it’s also have lower cost for building a new one.However,for microbrewery equipment,if our client have a high-end hotel or pub.YoLong must provide a solution to meet our customer’s the higher demand.

The mainly idea of this is how to make our brewery equipment looks fantastic and let every one who have see them can not forget the beauty and high quality.Using copper to instead the stainless steel is one suitable way. YoLong have the enough experience to make a perfect brewery copper tank.And even can give better suggestion and make progress in building a brewery project.So let’s see how YoLong can do that work.

brewery equipment

Ⅰ.  Prepare of the copper plate

To produce a good-looking brewery copper tank,the first step is roll the copper plate and weld them. It’s need a deep protection of the surface,and have to work on the ground with soft material in the above.

Key words,

  1. Good Protection
  2. High quality welding
brewery copper tank

Then here comes the mechanical polishing step.Let us copper plate more smooth.Also it’s easier for polishing manually.

Key words,

  1. Pre-polishing
  2. High efficiency
High efficiency

Ⅱ.  Welding with stainless steel head

Good quality can not left with a good welder.YoLong company have more than twenty years experience in welding.And we have more than ten welders especially advantage in copper welding.

It’s not the same with stainless steel welding.Stainless steel brewery copper tank need higher skill to master the weld time.The two materials have different welding temperatures.An experienced welder can avoid weak welding or excessive melt.Either of the problem is the most reason of poor quality. It’s always unhappy if you need take another time and cost to repair any parts.So choose YoLong’s equipment is your better decision.

Key words,

  1. Strong weld
  2. Experienced workers
  3. Save your cost
Experienced workers
Save your cost

Ⅲ.  Assemble on brewery copper tank

Copper is a soft material,and can not stay circle without enough support on brewery copper tank.In order to keep the high quality and the nice round looking,YoLong design to add extra supports on the tanks.And at some connection ports,especially pay our attention to manufacture carefully and choose the best solution according to different brewery and different client’s requirement.

Key words,

  1. Strong support for copper
  2. Keep high quality at invisible places
  3. Design personally
Assemble on brewery copper tank
brewery copper tank1

Cut holes for every ports and manway.You have to work on it carefully,copper have the more expensive price however also hard to do any fix work once you have any wrong manufacture process.YoLong have the whole standard working process to ensure our workers have the same operation steps and this is the premise of consistent quality.

Key words,

  1. Carefully working
  2. Standard process
  3. Consistent quality

Ⅳ. Complete the perfect brewery copper tank

YoLong have the rich experience in polishing fermentation tank,brite beer tank and also any other brewery copper equipment.When our work team do this work,always consider every details and make it perfect.We not only pursue quality, but also have a high standard for appearance.Positioned at high-end boutique projects,the brewery copper tank must show our client have the difference brewery and get more people’s attention.Then help to improve performance of your brew pub,hotel and brewery.

Key words,

  1. Skilled polishing
  2. High-end project
  3. Improve perfomance
fermentation tank
brite beer tank
High-end project
Improve perfomance

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