YoLong Brewtech 5BBL Custom Brewing System Bulid Your Brewpub

/Update November, 28,2022 / By YoLong Brewtech

The 5bbl brewing system is geared for small and independent breweries. This is a great entry-level option for folks looking to start their own microbrewery, or enthusiasts who are looking for a smaller system for your own brewpub. You will be able to brew up to 80 bbls per year with this 5bbl brewing system.

With the development of small craft bars and popularity of 5BBL brewing systems in the market, choosing your own brewing equipment depends on your brewing habits, equipment quality, reasonable design and excellent after-sales service.

The 5BBL 2 vessels electric heating beer brewing equipment is the best start beer equipment for the Brewpub setup.



5BBL brewing system

Brewhouse Size: 5BBL

Materials: SS304

Control:temperature controller system,

Technical Support: 2D, 3D, CAD layouts, FAT, installation assistance, trouble-shootin

5BBL brewing system5BBL Brewing System Configuration-Skid Type

The brewhouse is designed for a cast-out wort quantity of 5bbL. 5bb Mash Lauter Tun, 5bbL Kettle Whirlpool tank and stacked 5BBL HLT&CLT. The brewhouse consists of:

Mash/Lauter Tun

  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • One Horizontal Motor &Reducer with ABB motor(VFD Controlled)
  • One DN450mm Round Glass Manway
  • One Grist Hydrator
  • Two 360° CIP Spray Balls
  • One Sparging Device
  • One Tank Light Protection Class IP54
  • One Thermowell
  • Mash Lauter Mixerand rake
  • Side Hatch for spend-grain removing with Sight Glass

Kettle/Whirlpool Tank

  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • Onevapor condensate pipe for steam treatment
  • One DN450mm Round Glass Manway
  • Three Low Density Heating Elements
  • 270°Fixed CIP Spray Ball
  • One Tank Light Protection Class IP54
  • One Thermowell
  • One tangent inlet on side wall
  • One HLS for avoid over-boil
  • One LLS for avoid dry-heating
  • One tangent inlet on side wall
5BBL Brewing system
5BBL Brewing system

Other Brewery Equipment Accessories

Stainless steel 304 working platform
Two Stage Plate heat exchanger
5BBL Fermenters/uni-tanks with AS certification
Brewing transfer set and fittings
Portable pump

Build Your Own 5BBL Brewing System With YoLong Brewtech Technical Team Support

From equipment costs to brewery size, construction costs, and licensing, brewery operating costs can vary widely depending on your specific operation.

YoLong provide with customized commercial and professional brewhouse for every brewer who are more good quality and more professional design and more high automation commercial automated brewing system all over the world.

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Site-Size & Budget-Friendly Custom Designed Equipment, Customize Brewery.

5bbl Electric brewing system motor
5bbl Electric brewing system mixing station

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