What should I pay attention to when using beer brewing equipment?

Brewing beer at home is fun but you have to be careful with the beer brewing equipment though. For those who are beginners of the beer brewing process, they must be aware of some basic knowledge related to beer brewing. Basic knowledge includes different sanitization procedures for beer brewing equipment, boiling, cooling, fermentation, and finally bottling or kegging. Besides the basics, here are some of the important things that require your attention when using beer brewing equipment at home. Have a look:

1-Buy the right beer brewing equipment

Currently, there are so many beer brewing tools and supplies in the market which tends to make the buyer confuse for sure. There is some simple and instant equipment like just-add-water kits, but this type of beer brewing won’t taste good so you have got to pick the right equipment for your home brewery. Instead of ready to go tools, buy all grain beer brewing kit or a microbrewery because it is the real deal from https://yolongbrewtech.com/.

2-Buy the right size of beer brewing equipment

Your friends might say Go Big or Go Home but be smarter than that. It is not a competition. You only need the simple and right size equipment for beer brewing that you can handle all by yourself in your own home. While beer brewing, it tends to boil over, so you have to be careful of beer quantity in the kettle. Do not splurge it to the top and let it boil over. Use common sense and put only enough quantity that is not exceeded by your equipment’s capacity.

3-Ask an expert’s opinion before buying beer brewing equipment

Since there are so many home breweries in every town these days, make sure you get an expert opinion before buying the beer brewing equipment. You don’t have to buy the outdated versions but be sure to ask anyone who has made beer at home to get the best idea. There are plenty of experts you can find on the internet these days as well if you got no expert in your town.

Once you have made the beer, it is recommended that you can take it to the local brewer to get their opinion on its quality. Be ready to take some constructive criticism but it will help you in the long run.

4-Don’t over complicate the simple process

Beginners are always excited to make the beer at home so many of them try to complicate the simple process by adding new steps and sometimes new recipes. This is the main reason why so many beginners failed to make a good quality beer. Use the simple recipe and follow the exact guidelines. Once you are an expert in making one type of beer then go on experimenting with other recipes one by one.

5-Use fresh ingredients

It doesn’t matter what kind of beer brewing equipment you have when it comes to taste. Taste of beer can only be developed by using fresh ingredients. If your ingredients are a few days old in the fridge, try to use them quickly. Some experts say that if you want a better taste, try grinding malt grain by yourself and use wet yeast instead of dried yeast. It always works.

6-Don’t forget to sanitize the beer brewing equipment

Beer brewing cannot be complete if you don’t sanitize your beer brewing equipment. If you have just bought a new brewery kit then it is fine, you don’t have to go through the long sanitization procedure but if you are using used equipment, sanitize it thoroughly. If you don’t do the sanitization, your beer is going to get infected and whoever drinks it would be seriously sick. It is recommended to use non-bleach sanitization procedures because it won’t have any smell. Make sure your hands and place are also clean and sanitized.

7-Try the foil stovetop boil-overs

If you have cooked in the kitchen, you know how messy can boil overs be. You take off your sight for 1 minute and the whole milk is boiled over all stovetops and it takes a few hours to clean up, to say the least. Consider beer has the tendency to boil over, so it is better to take precautions in advance. Remove the burners on your stovetop and cover the whole area with aluminum foil. If kettle boils over, no worries, you can take off the whole aluminum foil and throw it away while your stovetops stay clean.

8-Use wort chillers

Mostly home brewers use ice to keep the wort chill. For that purpose, they keep the kettle in either bathtub or any other big tub like utensils. But it takes 40 minutes to 1 hour depending on your ice quality, which is enough time for bacteria to ruin your beer. Experts recommend using a wort chiller to reduce the likelihood of contamination. It can chill off your wort in almost 20 minutes. Plus, you don’t have to buy extra ice packs. The most commonly used chiller is coiled immersion chillers. They come in various sizes and about $50 – $70 range.

9-Use carboy handles along with beer brewing equipment

Surely, you want to save some money by using the functional equipment for beer brewing but add one more item in your list and that is carboy handles. Carboy handles don’t seem much, but they can be very handy especially when you are using larger glass carboys. With them, it is super easy to move carboys from kitchen counters to the beer rack in the next room. It will only take $6 per carboy.

10-Use a low off tube to airtight the seal

Although airlocks work fine if you have large beer buckets then using blow-off tubes would be ideal for you as you don’t have to get your hands dirty here. Learn to use them from time to time to keep the beer from rotting. There are different types of blow-off tubes so get an expert opinion about which one goes with your brewing equipment and then you are all set.

Why does wort have to be boiled for 60 minutes?


Wort is an unfermented beer. And due to the low fermentation process, nobody would want to drink this beer and wort simply tastes bad and light. So now you imagine a beer with no carbonation, bite, and clarity. Wort is known to be a ‘beer starter’. It consists of extracts of malt, which is from the grain mash, and water. Brewers take these elements and components of wort to an improved level by adding different flavors and using a different kind of hops. Then the entire process of wort needs to meet a steady boil for almost an hour for a hot breakpoint.

Why is the cooling process necessary?

Whirlfloc is used which is a nifty little ingredient. This ingredient is used right after the hot breakpoint when it is assured what the proteins gathered visibly in the wort will not add or change the flavors of the wort further. Therefore, the whirlfloc is used to clarify the beer at this process. Then the wort is set to be cooled and then the yeast is added. Yeast then ferments the liquid wort into beer. Cooling is necessary not because it kills the yeast but because it ensures a proper fermented beer with a better taste. That is why wort is processed carefully because if the wort is good then the finished product (beer) will turn out to be perfect.

Reasons for boiling wort for 60 minutes:

It is better to boil wort more to get a perfect beer. The more the wort is boiled the better will be the taste of the beer. That is why wort is boiled for 60 minutes and sometimes more to get the best final product. The reasons for boiling wort for 60 minutes are as follows:

  1. Kills Microbes:

Most of the microbes are killed in low heat for almost one hour. These microbes are present in the wort and when the wort is boiled for almost 60 minutes all the bacteria and microbes are killed.

  1. Alpha Acids are Isomerized:

Hops lose their bitterness when they are heated. Therefore, the wort has to be boiled for almost an hour at a low temperature to limit the bitterness and maintain the taste. Now the hops are added in the end so that too much boiling also does not make the taste bitterer.

  1. Evaporation is needed:

Evaporation of water increases the gravity of the beer. The beer is made hard and strong without the evaporation process. The more strong beer will make a strong and better taste.

  1. Changing of flavor due to Maillard Reactions:

When the wort is heated at high temperatures, it changes the taste of the wort. The maybe made either more bitter or strong. This improvement of taste for beer is dependent on how high the heating flame is

  1. Volatile Chemicals are Driven-off:

DMS is generated by heating the wort. If you are boiling the wort vigorously on high heat, it will evaporate. Therefore this is a great concern for the pale match that is pilsner malt. Due to this, some recommend to boil it for 90 minutes.


It is very important to boil the wort for almost an hour. Beers offers more than just a fun drinking experience. You feel the taste and ambience as well. It is very important for brewers to carefully boil the wort for around 60 minutes if they want to enjoy a perfect brewing experience. Boiling wort for an hour not only improves the taste of the end result but it also helps in killing harmful bacteria from the mixture. It should also be noted that if you boil it for less than 60 minutes then these bacteria might not be killed and if you boil it for than 60 minutes then this might kill the important nutrients from the beverage as well. Hence if you want to enjoy an optimum brewing experience with full nutrients in effect then it is crucial to boil the wort for at least one hour.

What Is The Proper Way Of Measuring Specific Gravity When Home Brewing?


A lot of people consume beer domestically. The local brewing was done hundred of years prior to commercial use of the alcohol. People can make composition of their favourite beer according to their consumption at home. They need to be familiar with contents they will be using in their drink and how much of each element they must use. It is very important to add in the right amount of ingredients in the brewing process otherwise the end result will not come out as expected. Using the right amount of ingredients will help you brew great beer. This will not only help in improving the taste of the peer but also improve in improve the whole beer drinking experience. A good beer is more than just a mixture of good and high quality ingredients. It offers more than tool ways of brewing the beer. To know this let’s start off with what does the gravity of the beer mean.

Beer Gravity:

The gravity refers to the beer’s gravity, the original gravity and the final recipe. The main purpose for measuring this is to understand that how much sugar that was originally present has been converted into alcohol. This gives a clear picture to the user that how much alcohol composition is present in his drink with respect to the volume. The original gravity is the most important. It separates the fermented and the unfermented sugar. As alcohol is obtained through fermentation of the sugar, the concentration can be estimated when these two are measured separately. You need to have the specific gravity first. This can be measured by the following tools and methods.

  1. Hydrometer:

The tool uses the concept of relative density. The glass rod that forms the main element of the tool floats at a specific height in the water (at room temperature and pressure). The same glass rod is placed in the liquid that the brewer is using. If the liquid is denser than the water the glass rod would sink in that liquid. By measuring the difference between the levels of the glass rod in both the liquids, a specific height is obtained. This height is then used to find the specific gravity. The precision might be difficult in use of the hydrometer. The reading of the height through a meniscus is difficult. You need to reduce the parallax error while doing so.

  1. Refractometer:

The refractometer uses the property of light to measure the density. However, it doesn’t directly measure the density of the liquid. When light shines on the liquid it starts to refract (bending of light). The more the sugar molecules the larger the refraction is. A horizontal line appears on the screen. The horizontal line depends upon the number of sugar molecules present in the drink. The line appearing on the screen might be blurry sometimes and doesn’t seem to be accurate. You must be guessing the line most of the time.

  1. Online Calculation:

Since the calculation of these compositions are complex, you don’t even need to do this on your own. A lot of websites can manage this when you put up the composition in that site and give you the density of your drink. These website offer authentic and true information based on the data you provide in the system.


The calculation of the specific gravity is significant to the brewers. They spend a lot of time in measuring and using the perfect balance of sugar in their drink. The above techniques give them a better understanding and the composition of their drink. The ingredients of the beer are important however they are not the only thing that determines the taste and quality of the beer. It is very important to measure the specific gravity of your beer. Having the right specific gravity will help in letting you enjoy an optimum beer drinking experience? If you are someone who brews beer at home then you should definitely get specific gravity measuring tools so that the brewing process goes according to your needs and preferences.

What is the easiest way to make beer at home?


Beer making is real science. It is a big challenge for the beer makers to manage the entire brewing process. This is because the taste and the aroma of the beer depend on the level of fermentation of the wort. This is no doubt the most crucial part where you need to manage the level of heat and temperature to boil the wort. If the wort is boiled for a long time then it may lead the beer to taste bitter. The beer then goes waste and unable to use. That is why most beer manufacturers claim that beer making is a science.

There are different equipment and machinery used to make beer. These machines are for different purposes. Some are for the fermentation process and some are to boil the wort to ensure a perfect taste for the beer. But, there is no beer bottle that tastes the best when you make it at home. This is yet one of the fresh beers you drink with fresh taste and aroma. Making beer at home is actually fun. You just need some basic equipment to make a perfect beer. So what are you waiting for? Grab your utensils and follow the instructions.

Equipment needed to make beer at home:

Make sure you have all the suitable utensils and equipment to make beer. This is yet the most basic step to follow for making home-made beer. You do not have to stress of fidget if any of the utensils are missing. So this basic equipment is as follows:

  • A large pot
  • A plastic siphon hose
  • A mixing spoon
  • Sanitizer powder
  • Hydrometer
  • Airlock fermenter
  • A bottling bucket with a spigot

As a first-timer, it’s better to get a pre-made beer kit. This kit will also contain all the ingredients for making the beer, even different flavors of it.



A perfect recipe to make a home-made beer:

  1. Prepare the wort
  • Sanitize all your equipment. This is the first and the most important part to start with. Make sure that all the equipment is free from bacteria.
  • After every utensil is sterilized start making the wort as this will turn into beer. Add 2 quarts of water and heat it at 180F, until it steams. Remove the pot from the heat and add the beer ingredients given in the beer kit.
  • Keep stirring the liquid making sure that every ingredient is completely dissolved.
  • Put the lid of the pot and let it sit on low heat for almost 20mins. Then pour wort into the fermenter filled with 3 gallons of water. Fermentation has begun. Now when it is cool down add yeast in it.
  1. Ferment it to make alcohol
  • The fermentation process takes 5-10 days’ time. Make sure you keep it at a constant temperature of 65F and keep it in a dark place. When you see bubbles rising on the top. Keep the wort in the airlock bottle.
  • After 5 days keep checking your beer daily. There will not be any air bubbles seen. The beer is ready to be bottled. Use a hydrometer to check the amount of alcohol. Your beer is ready.


Beer is one drink that is loved all over the world. If you are a passionate beer drinker then there is nothing more that you would like in this world than to brew a few drinks at home. Brewing beer at home can be a great experience. Sometimes all you want to do is drink beer and relax. You don’t always have to go outside to the local pub in order to get a beer when you can stay in your pajamas and brew yourself some tasty beer at home. These days you can find several machines in the market that let you brew beer at home. All you have to do is add in the ingredients and the machine would brew an amazing mug of beer for you. You can also brew it manually through traditional ways however if you are feeling a bit agitated and want to enjoy a beer without having to leave your house then  you can brew the beer at home and enjoy a great beer drinking experience.

How to choose good beer equipment manufacturers


To ensure a perfect beer, the best brewing equipment manufacturer is required. The taste and the aroma of beer have to be strong to make is perfect. That is why manufacturers chose the best suitable beer equipment which ensures the beer to be better and not just stay wort. The fermentation process is the most crucial in the making of the beer. That is why it is important to get the best brewer manufacturing equipment so that a balanced fermentation takes place. The best brewer manufacturer also ensures the originality of the beer is at its maximum and that too much boiling does not affect the fermentation and taste. The nutrients and the yeast components have to be ensured while original fermentation.

Why should better beer equipment be chosen for beer manufacturing?

It is pretty challenging to run a commercial craft brewery. There are numerous processes with consumes a lot of time and energy to make the perfect beer. Many manufacturers of beer stress about making the perfect beer because it is one of the most critical tasks. A slight mistake would result in the change of texture and taste of the beer. If enough heating and the boiling temperature are not provided for fermentation then the taste and aroma of the beer are destroyed. That is why we will discuss some tips to help you in choosing and buying suitable beer equipment.
Tips on choosing suitable beer equipment manufacturers:

To choose suitable brewing equipment manufacturer is real science. The equipment manufacturers know some knowledge about the different equipment to better understand the specific functionality and purpose of different types of equipment. This will help you to know which one is the most suitable for your process. Following are some tips discuss below:

1.Knowledge of seasonal consumption of beer:

You should know the budget for beer consumption. Many beer drinkers are seasonal drinkers they prefer beer in winter or mostly in some event. That is why you need to know the best time for the beer to be highly demanded in the market. And that is how the prices increase or decrease according to seasonal demand.

2.Cost of Investment:

A good beer equipment manufacturer would also make a Cost-Benefit Analysis to ensure the investment costs in different forms. Investment for equipment is not only considered but investment in raw material, water, electricity, and other supplies are also considered and they all are an important part of the beer equipment.

3.Calculation of daily batch of beer:

This is the sign of the best beer manufacturer that he makes sure that the daily keeps a count and does all the calculation of the number of beer manufacturers and raw materials poured in the manufacturing of the beer. This will make it easy for them to take preventions in the future.

4.Knowledge about the cost of brewing equipment and the selling crafts:

The manufacturer has complete know-how about the different brewing equipment. They know this to make sure that the equipment they are using is perfect for the fermentation process.


It is very important to use state of the art equipment in brewing your beer at home. The quality of the beer is dependent on many different things and the quality of equipment used is one factor that determines the quality of the end result. Modernized and advanced equipment can help in better understanding of different aspects of brewing beer including measuring the specific gravity, measuring the proportion of different ingredients and many other factors. If you have a traditional beer brewer and a new automated machine then you can judge the quality of both machines on your own as well. The new and modern machines may cost you more but they add a lot of value to the whole beer brewing process. If you are a passionate beer lover who likes to regularly brew beer at home then you should definitely purchase high quality and updated equipment for brewing beer at home. This will not only help in improving your beer brewing experience but it will also help in brewing one of the best beers that you have ever drunk.

What’s The Best Way To HomeBrew Your Own Beer With Zero Experience


A few decades ago, brewing beer at home was done by a few people only. But nowadays, brewing at home has become quite easy and is done by a large population. This is as people are becoming aware of its ingredients. The equipment used to make it is readily available as well. All this has collectively resulted in the ease of making beer. These days many people tend to brew beer at their homes. In addition to everything else, brewing beers at home has become a great addition to your day. Brewing the beer at home will let you control different aspects of the drink. You can add how much of each ingredient do you need in order to have a perfect beer for yourself. From the taste to specific gravity, home brewing your beer helps you get the perfect results for the drink.

Ingredients Required:

There are four basic ingredients required to brew beer: Water, grains, hops and yeast. Water is the main ingredient in making of beer so its quality is not supposed to be compromised upon. Yeast, is the product to be used in fermentation of beer. Hops give beer its aroma and flavor. It also reduces the sweetness of sugar. Hops are good for bacterial inhibition as well. Beers use different grains in its production. They include wheat, rice, sorghum and corn. Barley is the most common grain used to make beer.

How To Brew Your Beer?

First of all take five gallons of water and boil it up to 170 degrees Fahrenheit.Next you need to take grains and soak them at least for 30 minutes around 160 degrees Fahrenheit. Add malted extract and hops to the solution and put it on boil for 90 minutes at least. Take a wort chiller then and cool the mixture with it. Now pour the mixture into a fermenter. Next add yeast and ferment at 68 Fahrenheit to 70 Fahrenheit. After that you need to wait as brewing takes time. It will take around one to two weeks for the sugar to be fermented by yeast into alcohol and carbon dioxide. The process of fermentation comes to an end. Next you need to add the priming sugar for carbonation. It is now ready to have or store in the bottles.

Brewing Methods:

There are two main methods to brew your beer at home: all grain brewing and extract. All grain brewing includes a step called mashing which involves extraction of sugars from grains. You need to soak grain in cold water and release starches. Enzymes then break sugars. Sparging is another process to rinse the sugars from grains. Another main method is extract brewing. We can skip the mashing step here. The results are the packaged into liquid or dry malt extract. This method although costs more, but it saves time and requires less energy by man.

Equipment Used:

A Fermenter is needed during the fermentation stage. Brew kettle is there for the boiling process. Cleaner and Sanitizer are used for cleaning purposes. Hydrometer and Thermometer are used for measuring sugar and temperature. Other equipment used is Air lock, Burner, Siphon with tubing and Wort chiller.


Brewing beer is not an easy experience to have. It comes gradually with practice by knowing the proper way of brewing beer. You should be aware of all the ingredients required, the total number of equipment used, the two methods to prepare beer (All grain and extract) and the total steps in its making. Hope this extract will be helpful enough for you to prepare yourself for this experience. It is crucial to use high quality material in the beer brewing process. You can spend time and effort in having a great system for home brewing your beer however if the ingredients and the products you use in brewing your home beer aren’t up to mark then you would never be able to produce amazing and high quality beer. In order to get a great end result, you need invest in the equipment and products. It is important to use high quality ingredients and state of the art technology and equipment while brewing beer at home.



Something that needs to concern every brewery especially if they are new is the information as experience always outshines compared to any new startup so the best way to tackle it is through information. However, even after having the information there are many major issues that are faced by startup micro/craft brewery in the U.S. It is always better to know about these issues prior head so you are able to deal with them when they occur. Some of the issues are as follows:


Investment is the first step of opening up any business. You need to be sufficiently funded to buy all the required equipment for your microbrewery. Once that is purchased, you need to arrange everything up and get the equipment installed properly. And you will be need a lot of patience during this time period as installing of everything will require several months. Also, make yourself mentally prepare for losing money in the start of one to two years before actually getting to earn the profit. You need to draw out a proper budget and work according to it. Try not to spend too much money on the extra expenses and extravagance until unless you have done your research properly and are sure about receiving more customers through it.


Abiding the rules of law are quite essential and same is the case for microbrewery only the thing is that it is a bit more hard to deal with all the regulatory and licensing issues for brewery. The paperwork for ATF, for the state and local liquor rules, for the local and state food production laws and a bit more pile of such laws in you are planning to integrate a restaurant business along side. It is necessary to get all the licensing process done beforehand so that you do not face any such problem later on which can hinder in the working of your business. You might even need to dig in to other aspects of your business as well if you have rented either the place, equipment or machines, there are certain rules and regulations for that too. Make sure that everything is settled and under your knowledge before the business starts up otherwise such legal matters can become really dangerous later on.


Marketing is one of the most crucial aspects of your startup microbrewery business. As it carries a big amount of budget to be executed so it does not go wrong otherwise you can be in deep lose. You need to plan your marketing differently from those who are already in the industry, using the same methods would not work out for you as you are new and the giant beer firms will eat you up. To up your game and be recognizable you can spread your company over social media platforms, try to get in touch with the brewery reviewer publications that can help you to reach out to the desired target audience and use your peers and family to spread around the news through word of mouth. These tactics will help you to at least get the initial customers you need. However, you need to make your budget in a way that all the investment can be covered up later on so it needs to be efficient and reliable enough. If you are not good at making marketing plans than hire someone who can do it for you as the money should not go in vain.


When you are a startup it is quite hard to hire the right workers as you are not offering that much money in return compared to the other companies in the same industry. But the good thing, there will still be a lot of aspiring brew geeks that will apply for the job. You need to be shape and smart to hire the best ones as you can not hire all of them. Once the brewer has been employed, you will need to look out for someone who can clean the tanks, haul the grain, washes the cups, arranges the seats, etc. This is the guy you really need to make sure is well verse in his/her work because you can not afford quality and hygiene at this point of your business. The hiring process also entails the hiring of an accountant and a business manager. These people should be hired through a dense interview and experience basis as the numbers and management of the business can not go wrong at all or the whole business sinks. Lastly, you need a smiling face at the bar so that your customers can feel welcomed. This part of the job might not seem very important but it actually counts in customers’ experience.


Technicalities are basically the issues that occur when you least expect them to. The complexities and reliabilities that occur when you take a home base brewery to a commercial startup are great. You would be amazed on the amount of skills you will get to learn which you never have thought about learning in your normal life. You have to learn pipe installation, welding, plumping, electrical work and what not. This struggling stage will teach you a lot as your life will not be the same. There will be daily obstacles and potential you would have to even sleep in your bar to make sure everything is in working condition.


All the above mentioned problems are the major ones which definitely come when you are planning on running a startup microbrewery, however, there are many other miscellaneous problems that you will be facing throughout your business journey. The solution to deal with most of the problems is to plan ahead for everything so that you will be aware of the worst case scenarios and will be able to tackle them in a better way. Try to get as much information you need as possible before putting your hands into this business as definitely there will be a lot of competition awaiting for you.

YoLong Breweries Are Off to BrewCon19 in Melbourne this September

For those of you who make a point of following the YoLong Brewtech blog posts, there is much on-site excitement as staff prepares to present the company’s equipment at stands 40 to 42.

BrewCon19 is the 7th annual ABC (Australian Brewers Conference) and Trade Expo. It is to be held in Melbourne during the first week of September at the Melbourne Convention Exhibition Centre.

Who is Hosting BrewCon19?
The Independent Brewers Association of Australia have been hosting BrewCon for the past seven years, and it has rapidly grown to become one of the most significant events in every craft and commercial beer producers calendar in the Asian-Pacific area. They developed the BrewCon event to help further brewing excellence and best practices in the Australian beer industry.

The 2019 conference is the most important event in the Australian quality independent beer industry’s year. This is because BrewCon is recognized all over the world as an educational platform of international significance. Everyone connected to the craft beer or commercial beer brewing and production industries regard this conference in Melbourne as an unmissable trade event. It is a great honor to be able to showcase some of the outstanding YoLong brewing equipment on this occasion.

YoLong 10bbl 2v brewhouse shipped to BrewCon Expo 2019

What Service Do the Australian Independent Brewers Association Members Provide?
Anyone drinking a beer with the IBA seal of approval on it is guaranteed the highest quality beer and production methods. The Independent Brewers Association has a clear mission statement: To assure superior independent beer production everywhere.

The IBA seeks to educate and influence trends, sales, and marketing of independent brewers for the benefit of the industry as a whole. By hosting various events, programs, and campaigns, the IBA can advocate for fair and best practices across Australia. By lifting awareness of the industry together, it ensures quality is maintained, and members derive the greatest value from the organization.

Because the independent brewers sector is so diverse, the biggest challenge IBA faces is to standardize and coordinate the industry. By working closely with the members and quality equipment producers such as YoLong Brewtech, the IBA is able to play a critical role in leveling the regulatory playing fields so that independent beer companies are continually sustained.

YoLong + IBA
As an industry associate, YoLong Brewtech is able to offer the highest quality brewery equipment to independent Australian beer producers. YoLong Industrial works hand in hand with independent brewers across Australia to supply them with their essential equipment manufacture and design requirements, such as:

  • complete turnkey brewing equipment
  • microbrewery
  • brewpub equipment
  • packaging
  • brewery concepts and design
  • latest technological innovations

YoLong Brewery Equipment Workshop

And, of course, with every order comes the excellent YoLong tech support and customer service. These are the reasons why YoLong has become a preferred supplier on the IBA website.

What is the BrewCon19 Program?
When you enter the BrewCon Trade Expo at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre and begin walking up the right aisle, you will come to the YoLong Brewtech stands on your left. We will have some of our most innovative equipment on show there – and it is quite spectacular to see it up close outside a brewery floor!

As the guest of the Independent Brewers Association, YoLong will be able to offer conference attendees an unrivalled opportunity to learn from one of the leading brewery equipment manufacturers in the Asian-Pacific area.

Every industry veteran in the brewing and business streams will have the chance to meet other suppliers and fellow beer supporters and enthusiasts at this event. We are all brought together in one spot at the Trade Expo in September to appreciate the highest quality beer and brewery equipment.

The 2019 program will follow the same basic itinerary as the previous years, but with a few extra special guests and features. Several international speakers will be there to share their expertise on their specialist subjects.

Pete Brown, the renowned author, journalist, and broadcaster is the BrewCon19 keynote speaker this year. He has an impressive CV that includes a background in advertising with the emphasis on brand strategies. As the Chair of the British Beer and Cider Marketing Awards, Brown was named the Best British Beer Writer of the Year for 2009 and 2012. Some people might say that he has the best job in the world!

Needless to say, Pete Brown has one of the most pronounced understandings of breweries, and his passion for communicating this to consumers makes for an unmissable lecture.

Pete Brown at the Awards: Image used courtesy of petebrown.net

More Information About the Equipment YoLong Will Be Transporting to the Melbourne Expo
As we mentioned before, the YoLong stands will have some impressive equipment on display there. Every piece of YoLong equipment is perfectly designed around the brewer’s operation. A good example of our high quality manufacturing is the fully automatic 10bbl brewhouse. The brewhouse is built for Mr. Adam Bruce, a famous Austalia brewer, also is one of the judges in BrewCon 2019, ther other equipment will be shipped separately to his new brewery site.

The Fully Automatic 10bbl Brewhouse
A brewhouse contains every component or vessel that is necessary for the brewing process. Brewhouses are fully customizable depending on the physical size and scale of the operation and production requirements. Buyers who are interested in purchasing a brewhouse can range from someone who requires a full-scale brewery and turnkey brewing system, all the way to brewpub buyers and the beer hobbyist who want to buy a home brewing set-up.

This is why brewery equipment suppliers who are able to create a custom, personalized brewhouse solution based upon the customer’s specific wants and needs, such as YoLong, is an important part of brewhouse selection.

The size and automation of the brewhouse are linked to the expected scale of production. YoLong brewhouses, such as the one in the image below, are based on the typical units of measurements in terms of both annual beer production and the preferred system choice.

10BBL 2V Brewhouse Design

Some of the typical units of measurement you will see in reference to annual beer production and brewhouse systems in general are:

  • Beer barrel – bbl
  • Gallon – gal
  • Hectoliter – hl

1 bbl is equal to 31 gallons, and 1 hl is equal to 0.85bbl.

A brewhouse is measured and described by the number of vessels or tanks it has. The brewhouse YoLong is taking to exhibit at BrewCon19 is a 2-vessel 10bbl pub brew. Most 2-vessel brewhouses of this kind include a hot liquor tank/mash/lauter tun combination vessel paired up with a whirlpool/boil kettle combination vessel.

These specially designed vessels serve a particular purpose; they allow you to brew greater quantities of beer all at the same time. The set-up you choose will depend on what your brewing requirements are, the amount of space you have available, and how much your budget is for equipment.

There are two different brewhouse configurations you can decide on when selecting a 2-vessel brewhouse.

  • A mash/hot liquor tank/lauter tun combination vessel with a whirlpool/brew kettle
  • A mash/lauter tun and whirlpool/brew kettle

YoLong 500L 2V Brewhouse for UK Brewdog

What is the Difference Between a Fully Automatic and a Semi-Automatic or Manual Brewhouse Control System?
A fully automated brewhouse control system has computer support. Most of the operations will be controlled automatically according to its specified program on a central control panel. YoLong promotes the automation of breweries to support the art and efficiency of the brewing process.

YoLong has been associated with the manufacture of state of the art, industrial, fully automated, and semi-automatic brewhouses for many years.

Brewhouse Automation

Cellar Automation

A semi-automatic brewhouse will include such control features as manual hand removal option for any brewhouse regarding different systems. Manual brewhouse systems are recommended for anyone dealing with manageable quantities of beer such as a home hobbyist brewer.

For quantities of 10bbl in a professional brewery set-up, the YoLong fully automatic 10bbl brewhouse is the right choice. This is the reason why it will be on display at BrewCon19 in September.

A semi-automatic brewhouse will include such control features as manual hand removal option for any brewhouse regarding different systems. Manual brewhouse systems are recommended for anyone dealing with manageable quantities of beer such as a home hobbyist brewer.

5bbl semi-automatic brewhouse

For quantities of 10bbl in a professional brewery set-up, the YoLong fully automatic 10bbl brewhouse is the right choice. This is the reason why it will be on display at BrewCon19 next month.

What Are the Other Pieces of Equipment for that YoLong Are Taking to BrewCon?
Good question! Besides the one fully automatic 10bbl brewhouse YoLong will be displaying on our stand in Melbourne next month, a10bbl fermenter, 10bbl brite tank, and 2-station keg washer will also be there. If you want to know where these vital pieces of brewing equipment feature in a beer brewery set-up, you will get a better picture how they are used by looking at the image below.

The Brewhouse
The barley/malt mix is introduced into the mill and then passes into the brewhouse where the mash it processed. It passes into the mash tun where the barley/malt is mixed with water. In turn, the mix flows into the lauter tun, and then onto the wort kettle where the hops are added. From there the mash moves to the whirlpool tank and then heated and oxygenated.

YoLong 4V brewhouse plus HLT design

After yeast has been introduced to the mash and is activated by the oxygen, it is transferred to the fermenting tank.

The Fermenting Tank: YoLong 10bbl Fermenter
Fermenters are also aging vessels. This is where the yeast is pitched into the wort, and where the mash is definitively turned into beer. So without a fermenter in the brewery equipment, there would be no beer!

YoLong Beer Fermentation Tank

The wort is pumped into the fermenter via a heat exchanger. The wort is then added to the pitched yeast and begins fermenting. Some breweries choose to have specially designed aging vessels where the beer is aged after being transferred into the fermenting vessel. Obviously, the more beer you wish to produce, the larger your fermenter capacity must be.

What Does a Brite Tank Do in the Beer Making Process? YoLong 10bbl Brite Tank
This might sound a bit scientific, but the brite tank is a vital part of the beer making process because this is where the beer is carbonated. Carbonation is where the CO2 or carbon dioxide gas is dissolved into the beer. In science, there is a law in physics called Henry’s Law.

YoLong Brite Beer Tank

Henry’s law states that when an amount of given gas is dissolved in any given type and volume of liquid at a constant temperature, the volume of liquid is directly proportional to the fractional pressure of the gas in equilibrium with said liquid. Or, to put it in a way easier to understand, the gas solubility inside a liquid is directly linked to the partial pressure of the gas above the (beer) liquid.

This is the interesting science behind the natural carbonation of beer or any other beverage you drink that has bubbles. As the pressure increases above the beer liquid (in the brite tank), some of that CO2 will be dissolved into the beer. This process is made a lot quicker with the introduction of a carbonating stone inside the brite tank. It produces bubbles that are more easily absorbed into the beer liquid.

Both fermenter and brite tank are AS1210 certified. AS1210 is certification for pressure vessels that have a working pressure above 1-bar in Australia. The equipment has been perfectly designed around the brewer’s operation.

As Australia is a rapidly growing craft beer market, the quality, design, and full AS certification of the YoLong equipment is in accordance with the country’s strictest electronic and engineering practices.

YoLong 2-Station Keg Washer
A keg washer might not be an exciting piece of brewing equipment involved in the crafting of a fine beer recipe, but it is still an essential part of the beer production process. A keg washer is a machine that is used to clean the stainless steel beer kegs between usage. Every keg washer cleans the kegs by washing, flushing, sterilizing, and pressurizing each keg sequentially.

Most 2-station keg washers are semi-automatic however, both manual and fully automated keg washer options are available.

YoLong two station keg washer

YoLong Brewtech in Australia
The intrepid British voyager and explorer, Captain James Cook, is credited as the first person to bring beer making ingredients and equipment to Australia on board his ship the Endeavour in 1770. Beer was an essential ingredient to have on board a ship and in any settlement because it is nutritious and does not spoil in the same manner as water does.

At YoLong Brewtech, we are proud to follow in Captain Cook’s footsteps, and present our high quality brewing equipment at BrewCon19!

What do most commercial breweries/microbreweries do for sanitization?

Most of the brewers use their own methods and follow their own rituals of cleaning and sanitizing the breweries. These brewers make sure that they intensely sanitize the brewers to ensure that they are free form any type of bacteria. Different cleaning equipment is used along with different sanitizing chemicals to keep the brewers clean from fungus or microbial. They follow two steps to protect the brewers from bacteria. They clean the brewer first; this is done by using different equipment. The last step is to sanitize the brewer intensely by using sanitizing chemicals like Star san, bleach, Iodophor etc.

Most professional brewers use effective and efficient Clean-in-place techniques to reduce the hectic work load by cleaning the breweries intensely on a daily basis. Sanitizer is circulated in the brewer kettle to circulate the detergent by putting a spray ball on the fermenter of the kettle. Pumps and hoses are used to circulate the water and sanitizer in the brewery equipment to effectively clean the brewer in less time. It is a mechanical system of cleaning which is controlled by computers. These professionals also do manual cleaning of the small parts of the breweries. They make sure that they clean the outside of the kettle, the surroundings and the surface of the kettle manually.

  • How is sanitization and cleaning both important of brewery kettle?

We mostly get confused between sanitization and cleaning but the reality is that they both play an important role in cleaning the breweries. They both work together to nurture the yeast growing in the breweries. It is extremely crucial to make sure that the surface of the beer kettle is also free from and kind of microbial bacteria. If the surface is not clean, the fen gets stuck in the carboy and then the surface becomes uneven to be sanitized properly. This then leads to grow the fen or marshes in the beer kettle which becomes hazardous to consume.

That is why you need to intensely sanitize your breweries so that it is free and clean from any type of microbial. To keep your brewery equipment clean, you need to ensure a proper sanitization for it so that the bacteria cannot hide anywhere inside the corners. A two-step process should be followed for the cleaning. The first is to clean it thoroughly before pouring the beer, then to sanitize it by using different chemicals.

  • How can bacteria be prevented from the basic brewery equipment?

Bacteria can be caught from a lot many other things as well. It can be through scissors, and plastic, steel holders or utensils, knobs of the equipment and any other tiny piece on the equipment which you normally don’t realize. That is why it is extremely important to make sure that that you keep all the utensils you use for the beer kettle is also sanitized intensely. This is because bacteria can jump or travel rapidly from one thing to another, and when it gets involved it results in spreading like a fire.

So you should make a list of utensils you use for the brewers so that you can keep a check again and again, and do not forget to sanitize any other thing, because at times we forget those things which are very minute in the kettle. You just need to pay an extra attention towards the sanitization of the breweries in order to keep up with the cleanliness of the outside and inside of the equipment. The one of the best way to keep everything sanitized is to apply hand sanitizer so that there is no chance of even minute bacteria to jump in.

  • How to prevent from bacteria caused by air and water in the breweries?

There are gaps in the process and the equipment of the brewery. That is why; these gaps can cause infection which should be taken into consideration. We, most of the time, do not even notice that the air and water around us consists of different types of bacteria. When these are mixed in the breweries, they cause contamination of bacteria inside the kettle. It is recommended to clean the surface of the brewer with bleach so that it stays protected from all the germs.

It is therefore, very important to rinse the brewer with clean and clear water so that it reduces the risk of causing bacteria inside the brewer. Even brushes and scrubs can have germs in them as they are made up of plastic.

What’s the best home beer brewing kit

For a fact, brewing beer yourself is much cheaper at home than buying it. With inflammation in ingredient’s costs, more people are of the opinion to brew their own beer. However, brewing beer at home will surely cost you a whole lot of patience and neither is it easy but the elation after having a sip of your own homemade refreshing glass of beer is something you will always be able to brag about.

If you opt to brew some beer at home or you have been searching for some good gift options for a friend, here are a few kits you should be considering.

Best home beer brewing kits

When choosing a beer brewing kit, it is important to consider the type of experience and what quantity of beer you want to brew. Decide between if you will be doing large scale craft batches or just an economical one.

  1. Northern Brewer Brew Homebrew starter kit

This is the best option for starters. The kit includes a 5 Gallon stainless kettle with Block Party Amber Ale crowd-pleaser recipe.  The flavoring is a perfect mix of bread crust, caramel and a pinch of herbal hops. In addition to the 5-gallon stainless kettle; it also comes with auto-siphon, and a step by step instructions laminated booklet to guide you accurately through the beer brewing process.


The recipe kit includes the ingredients; yeast, hops, priming sugar, liquid malt extract, pre-malted steeping grains, a muslin bag, and a sanitizer. This package of ingredients is sufficient enough to brew a 5 Gallon beer batch; also, the recipe guarantees an incredible taste. For the next batch, you will need your own kit of ingredients or you could collect your own ingredients.  Northern Brewers also offer recipe kits, stouts, and pale lagers.



The Northern Brewer Brew Homebrew starter kits include essentials like Block Party Amber Ale recipe kit, 6.5 gallon Fermenter which comes with a lid as well as a Bubbler airlock, a Bottling Bucket alongside a  Spigot assembly, Fermenter’s Favorites Bottle filler, Stainless Brew Kettle which is 5 Gallons, A Stainless Spoon Auto Siphon, Siphon Tubing(5 foot) and Siphon Tube Holder, Sanitizer – Oxygen Wash, Bottle Brush for detailed cleaning, Royal Crown Bottle Capper and Caps and a stirring spoon.

  1. Mr. Beer Premium Gold Craft Beer Making Kit

For someone who is looking for a self-sufficient beer brewing kit then there is no parallel to Mr. Beer premium Gold Craft Beer making Kit. The kit includes all the essentials a beginner could need to enjoy a quick and easy process of brewing. The beer making kit pieces of equipment are 2 Refill BREW Backs, 2 gallons fermented, re-usable plastic bottles (8), and an instruction guide to aid users easily understand the process.

The ingredients are sufficient for two batches, Oktoberfest lager, and American Light. For the ease of absolute beginners, the ingredients are already measured mixed and prepared. The taste of the finished product suffices the taste buds.  If you want to try new flavors, Mr. Beer offers a variety of ingredients that make frantic recipes so you can try a new one with each new batch.


Carbonation drops measured to accuracy, No-Rinse cleanser, Little Brown Keg fermenter which is reusable, for brewing 2 batches or 4 gallons it comes with two-ingredient kits with  brewing extracts, Re-usable bottles, an instruction booklet.

  1. Brooklyn Brew Shop Everyday IPA Beer Making Kit

For someone who is looking for a brewing kit that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg and is a newbie in the home beer brewing business, this is for them!

Brooklyn Brew shops kits use no shortcut ingredients or extracts; instead, it contains actual grains to enhance the flavors. The best taste is guaranteed with no shortcuts of using malts for brewing but only all-grain ingredients to make a fresh batch of beer. On the other hand, all-grain means the process of cooking initially needs close monitoring till they are ready.

The company also offers other beer ingredients kits which are savored like Chocolate Maple Porter, Pumpkin Beer and many other delicious ones to try. This kit is an excellent option for preparing occasional small batches, however, you will have to arrange bottles, a pot and strainer, and funnel from your own end as it is not included in the kit.


The essentials include a recipe kit for 1 gallon of beer, a Brooklyn Brew Shop cleanser for detailed cleaning, 1- gallon glass fermenter which is re-usable, vinyl tubing, screw-on cap stopper, Fool-Proof Video instructions so nothing goes wrong while beer brewing, Thermometer, a chambered airlock, and a racking cane and tip for transferring beer to another bottle.