What are the factors that affect wort filtration?

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The lauter tun mash needs to be filtered to obtain clear wort. Filtration requires the shortest time to separate the mashed wort and extract from the spent grains, and to obtain a good extract yield.

The filtration speed of wort is generally related to the following factors:

  1. The particle size of the malt crushed and the viscosity of the wort itself
  2. The thickness of the grainbed in the lauter tun
  3. The permeability of the grainbed
  4. The pressure difference during filtration
  5. Filtration The parameters of the slotted sieve plate (the opening rate of the sieve plate, the width and cross-sectional shape of the sieve plate strip hole), etc.
wort filtration of grainbed

To improve wort filtration efficiency, the appropriate diameter of the lauter tank can be calculated at the beginning of the design according to the production capacity and the required grainbed thickness. If the grainbed is too thick, the filtration resistance will greatly affect the filtration speed, and if the grainbed is too thin, It will weaken the filtering effect and increase the filtering time. At present, the opening rate of a conventional sieve plate is about 10.5%-12%, which can be increased to 15%-18%. The bell mouth is milled at the bottom of the filter rod hole to increase the efficiency of filtration.

The gap between the sieve plate of the filter tank and the bottom of the tank is generally controlled between 10-20mm. Due to the small gap, the wort flow during filtration is easy to form suction, which can improve the efficiency.

When the malt is crushed, the particle size of the malt is controlled, and it is about 4-6 petals. During the filtering, the buffer tank and the speed of the tiller are used to improve the filtering efficiency.

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