10 Brewing equipment maintenance tips

Brewing equipment needs frequent maintenance, so that we can brew better beer. YoLong, as a professional brewing equipment supplier, presents 10 tips for maintaining brewing equipment.

10 tips for maintaining brewing equipment

  1. Cleaning equipment is strictly prohibited to use cl-detergent or disinfectant.
  2. If the equipment is not used for a long time, please clean the equipment thoroughly before disuse. After the water flow is cleared, close the valves.Please clean the equipment thoroughly before reusing the equipment after a long period of time, which can be cleaned several times repeatedly.
  3. The heat exchanger should be disassembled and cleaned after long-term operation or not use for a long time. No metal brush is allowed during cleaning, no bending, twisting, trampling and extrusion of heat exchanger plate are allowed, and the aged sealing gasket should be replaced in time.
  4. The equipment should check the electrical motor, pump connection and grounding regularly to ensure correct connection.Check the oil level of reduction motor and hydraulic device. Add lubricant regularly according to the instruction.Check the fastening of stirring and tillage fittings regularly.All pumps used shall not be idled or reversed, and the pump seal shall be replaced in time if leakage is found.
  5. Check regularly whether there are foreign matters and impurities in the hopper of the grinder, check whether the fasteners of the grinder are loose, the tightness of the driving belt of the grinder and the reliability of safety protection devices.Clean the grinder roll regularly.
  6. Check the pressure gauges and safety valve of steam heating equipment regularly, and ensure the steam trap is free;Do not start heating until the specified level is reached.Warning signs shall be hung on the top of steam, wheat juice and other high temperature pipelines and saccharification equipment during operation to prevent burns.
  7. When filtering, do not extract wort in high flow and damage the sieve plate.When the equipment is not used, the weight shall not be placed on the screen plate to avoid deformation of the screen plate.Keep all mechanical parts running smoothly during operation.
  8. Check whether the plate heat exchanger has leakage, leakage and fluid flow at any time, and repair immediately if any.
  9. Pay attention to the concentration of alkali water in the alkali water tank at any time. If it is found that the concentration of alkali water is too low or too turbid, it should be replaced in time for washing.
  10. Check all pipe valves at any time. If leakage is found, repair or replace it immediately.

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