The first step of Nano brewery equipment

We all have heard about nano breweries recently and most of us are aware of what it probably like because of the obvious name. No matter how much we hate science (we don’t, we love it!), we all admit that terms like micro, nano, pico is something we learnt through it, and for people who love science, well this concept is now not just limited to your field. Nano breweries system have been a new trend for quite a while now and have been a profitable way to earn some one of the basic necessities of life: MONEY!

Nano Brewery Equipment

As the name suggests, it is a small set up and is assumed of producing maximum three barrels of beer in one batch. Not a lot, but it will definitely make your town, relatives, friends and your local sports club happy. Another specification about this type of brewery could be regarded as the breweries which can make up to 2000 barrels in one year (barrel for those of you who didn’t learn the American system = 158 liters. 2000 barrels= 316,000 liters). We do agree that it is a nano brewery (considered to be quite small) but it does not in any way offers that the rules that are applied to micro or any other kind of breweries could be exempted for this one, you still have to abide by all the laws imposed by the state for brewers.

After going through all these basic points, do you still plan to become a brewer? If the answer to this question is yes, then here is to why you should consider nano brewery as your first and foremost option, especially if you are new to the business:

  • Craft Beer:

We all know that the importance of craft beer is increasing day by day and if you consider yourself to be an expert at that, micro brewery is the best way to test it. Since it is not a large scale business, you always have room for experiment. You can try different combinations and come up with the best one which is appreciated by the public of your locale.

  • First Step:

Business has always been and will always be risky. One cannot be hundred percent sure that the start-up they are thinking of will be a great success; this in no way means that being optimistic is a bad thing. You do need to play risky but the risk doesn’t necessarily have to be a big one, especially when you’re give an option to try it out at a much smaller and safer level, as in the case of nano brewery.

  • It is There to Stay:

From the past few years, it can be inferred that Nano brewery is a success and that if you try it, there is a high percentage that you will also succeed. However, you do need to be strategic and come up with a plan because you surely do not want to stop at nano brewery. Remember, it is just your first step before joining the school of sharks in the deep water (or beer).

We hope that these factors will help you in deciding whether you should opt for nano brewery or not. Whatever your decision may be we can always help you fulfill your dream.

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