Pilot brewing system produces a fraction of beer compared to main brewing equipment. Every brewery need to have pilot brewery equipment. There are two factors,

  • Reduce Risk
  • Sales Volume

YoLong Pilot Brewing System Types

Four Vessels or Five Vessels Brewhouse

For larger breweries, they prefer four or five vessels brewhouse for pilot brewing, the pilot brewing will be the same process as their large brewhouse. The test report of pilot brewery equipment can use for large brewing system directly.

  • Construction: Stainless Steel 304/316
  • Operation: Full auto/Manual
  • Layout: Skid/Seperated
  • Capacity: 1hL to 5hL
  • Heating: Steam/Electrical
  • Custom Design
  • Delibvery Time: Arroximately 60 days

Two Vessel or Three Vessel Brewhouse

Middle output breweries prefer two or three vessels brewhouse for pilot brewing. It can be mash & lauter combination or mash & kettle combination vessel. Capacity could be 1hL to 3hL.

Pilot brewing equipment are critical for future sucess as microbreweries!


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