YoLong Nano Brewing Equipment designed as 1hL and 2hL per brew. Skid Brewhouse and Skid cellar tanks. It allows professional brew master or home brewer to brew small-batch beer. YoLong Nano Brewery Equipment is widely sale for:

  • Nano brewery
  • Small Brewpub or Restaurant
  • Large brewery test brewing or receipts

The parameters of YoLong Nano Brewery Equipment are below:

Two Vessels Skid Brewhouse

  • MLT and KWT construction
  • MLT Bottom Mounted Rake With VFD
  • Top Glass Manway
  • Capacity, 1hL and 2hL
  • Heating Method, Steam or Electronic Elements
  • Dimension

Skid Cellar Tanks

  • Three Unitanks/Fermenters
  • Top Manway
  • Accessories: Spunding Valve, PVRV Valve, Temperature Sensor, Raking Arm, Pressure, Temperature and Level Gauge, Carbonation Stone With Check  & Ball Valves

One CLT, 200L or 400L

  • One Chiller and Glycol Pump
  • All Cellar tanks are welded in Skid

Human Machine Interface

  • Electrical Connection, Customize available
  • Temperature Auto Control for brewhouse and cellar tanks
  • Pressure Auto Control for uni-tanks
  • VFD control for motor, pumps
  • CE, UL, CUL Certificated


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