Nano Brewing Equipment

YoLong Nano Brewing Equipment designed as 1hL and 2hL per brew. Skid Brewhouse and Skid cellar tanks. It allows professional brew master or home brewer to brew small-batch beer. Now YoLong Nano Brewery Equipment is widely selling in the worldwide.

Our Nano brewing systems can be applied to nano brewery, small brewpub or restaurant, large brewery test brewing or receipts.

The parameters of YoLong Nano Brewery Equipment list are below:

Two Vessels Skid Brewhouse

  • MLT and KWT construction
  • MLT Bottom Mounted Rake With VFD
  • Top Glass Manway
  • Capacity, 1hL and 2hL
  • Heating Method, Steam or Electronic Elements
  • Dimension

Skid Cellar Tanks

  • Three Unitanks/Fermenters
  • Top Manway
  • Accessories: Spunding Valve, PVRV Valve, Temperature Sensor, Raking Arm, Pressure, Temperature and Level Gauge, Carbonation Stone With Check  & Ball Valves

One CLT, 200L or 400L

  • One Chiller and Glycol Pump
  • All Cellar tanks are welded in Skid

Human Machine Interface

  • Electrical Connection, Customize available
  • Temperature Auto Control for brewhouse and cellar tanks
  • Pressure Auto Control for uni-tanks
  • VFD control for motor, pumps
  • CE, UL, CUL Certificated

You don’t have to spend too much to buy our nano brewing equipment, and we will give you the best price.

At the same time, YoLong as a manufacturer of advanced nano brewing equipment in China, has accumulated rich experience in the maintenance of brewing equipment and provided excellent services to our customers. If you need to buy a nano brewing device, please contact us.


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