All of YoLong’s microbrewery equipment are custom designed combined with brewers’ ideas and brewery layout. Different concept, different design to build your only project is what we’ve been insisted on. (FROM ME TOO TO ME ONLY)

YoLong brewhouses come into different configuration to support your unique brewing techniques, type of beer and beer output capacity.

Brewhouse Configuration: two vessels, three vessels and four vessels

Two Vessels Brewhouse

These configurations are great for small to mid-size breweries with up to two brews per day.

  • Option A: Mash & Lauter tun Combination, Brew kettle & Whirlpool Combination-Popular for Infusion mashing & Decoction Mashing
  • Option B: Mash & Kettle Combination, Lauter & Whirlpool Combination- For Decoction Mashing
  • HLT Option: With or Without

Three Vessels Brewhouse

Breaking apart one combination vessel can process more brews per day compared to 2 vessels brewhouse

  • Option A: Mash mixer, lauter tun, brew kettle & whirlpool Combination
  • Option B: Mash & kettle Combination, lauter tun, Whirlpool tank.
  • Option C: Mash & Lauter Combination, Brew kettle, Whirlpool
  • HLT Option: With or Without
  •  Heating Method: Steam, Electrical, Fire directly
  •  Control: Full Automatic Or Manual
  •  UL Or CUL Certificated
  •  Stainless Steel 304 Construction
  •  Energy Saving

 Auxiliary Equipment:

  1. Grain Case + Miller + Malt Conveyor
  2. Boiler, Chiller, Air compressor
  3. CIP Station – self cont / portable
  4. RO water treatment system
  5. Portable Pump with VSD
  6. Plate and Frame Filter


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