Grain Mill

The grain mill is used for mill the grain in the grain handling systems, YoLong supply two roller grain milling equipment.

  • The mill includes Frame, Transfer system, Crushing chamber, Rollers, Adjusting system, Flow control mechanism, Hopper
  • Raw grain is put into hopper after removing impurities and moisten
  • Small size, large capacity, reliable performance, energy saving, durable and convenient maintenance, etc.

Grist Case

The grist case is mainly used for holding the grain after milling but before mashing in, which connected pipe chainvey that convey the milled grain to the case.

  • Top Removable Lid
  • One Inlet
  • One Spray Ball
  • Cone Bottom
  • One Outlet Connect with Pipe Chainvey or Flexible Auger
  • Option with Load Cells
  • Cylinder Mounted Four Legs
  • Single Wall Tank
  • Design Pressure, Atmospheric
  • Inside Finish, #2B, Ra<32
  • Outside Finish, #4
  • Picked and Passivated Surfaceand Seam
  • Internal & Exterior Welds, Grounded and Polished to #4

Pipe Chain Conveyor/Flexible Auger

YoLong supply with grain conveyor device, which can realize auto controls and customized design according site layout.


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