YoLong Hop Storm

YoLong Hop Storm is used for dry hopping of fermentation tank, YoLong Hop Storm designed high efficiency and dual function of CIP tank for cleaning small tank.

The effective cold hopping system

The hop gun is necessary for beer to stay fresh for a long time and add hop flavor and aroma to the beer.


  • Efficient aroma extraction with hops dosing between the whirlpool and wort cooler
  • Complete retention of hop solids in the HopBack Pellet
  • The possibility of wort loss reduction in the whirlpool by up to 80 % due to compact spent hops
  • Flexible aroma profile by decoupling the contact time from the wort cooling time
  • Optimal transfer of essential hop oils into the wort with minimal increase in bitterness
  • Can also be used for spices such as coriander and orange peels
  • Automatable including spent hops removal
  • Inline cleaning
  • Easy upgrade to optimize the “brewhouse hops aroma”
  • Aromatization of partial quantities and trial production sequences possible

Our products

YoLong hopgun are 60L and 80L, assembly with release valves and CIP device on the top, two or three sight glass on one side, beer inlet in the other side. The inner SUS 304 filter accuracy is 100um.With removable wheels.


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